Smoked Beef Jerky Recipe

Beef jerky is an awesome snack to keep around the shop or office. We cook up two LEM jerky seasonings, Sriracha and Cracked Pepper and add a little bit of our favorite rubs to the mix as well. Shop @ ATBBQ:

Full recipe:

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39 replies
  1. Craig Gagliardi
    Craig Gagliardi says:

    Thank you for all these wonder recipes. Question for you… I am about to purchase a Yoder smoker and debating between the offset vs pellet. Any thoughts on the best one to purchase? I already have a Big Green Egg so thinking the pellet may be the way to go. I just don’t want to sacrifice smoke and taste quality, but also think the convenience factor of a pellet may be more important to me. Any thoughts?

  2. Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez says:

    Love this channel! The only thing that really bothers me is the rubs and spices hes uses are always pre-packaged name brand spices and sauces. So you never really know what spices you can put together yourself, its the only thing stopping this channel from being a true cooking show. I'm sure they do it for extra cash which is fine but i could do without it.

  3. Robert Mills
    Robert Mills says:

    I found the LEM Cracked Pepper packs too salty, I tried it with the Santa Maria seasoning on half of my batch and that just made it worse. Not being a hater. I enjoy your videos. Keep them coming. I have ordered products from you and my purchasing experience has been good.

  4. Rick Ross
    Rick Ross says:

    Haven't found any pre mix jerky or sausage packets I've been a fan of. I think jerky with sugar is beyond disgusting and they all have it. Haven't tried LEM but I bet it has sugar in it. I'll stick to my own recipe for jerky.

  5. Hasselnöt
    Hasselnöt says:

    This is so fucking bad. You call yourself a chef and you use ONLY nasty pre-mixed herbs which only contains salt btw and E-shit. Lost faith in todays chefs. And which normal household has a dedicated smoker? Forgot, youse the chef…..


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