Smoked Beef Bierocks


Chef Britt updates a Kansas favorite: Bierocks! She smokes a chuck roast and mixes it with beer-and-mustard-braised cabbage to create her filling. Then she shows you how she makes and bakes the dough for these tasty meat-filled buns!
Full recipe here:

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  1. ERIC B
    ERIC B says:

    Chef Tom is lucky to have you! Lol. You should do more videos Chef Britt! Nice to see a women cooking on the smoker n other outside type tools. Haven't seen that before! Keep up the good work guys! One team one dream

  2. Brian Moore
    Brian Moore says:

    Nice to see Chef Brit get some camera time. Good recipes. Still like Chef Tom. He has helped me tremendously with my meat trimming. Much more confident about it. Thanks.

  3. Nick Cutler
    Nick Cutler says:

    Oh so kind of like the pasties from the mining area of Butte Montana cool. Actually thanks to the cabbage if you were to brine a brisket and do that you get corned beef and cabbage Bierock or better yet smoke the brined brisket and have a Thousand Island dipping sauce for a Rueben Bierock. All in time for Saint Patrick’s Day which is great because this year you could do that and not have to potentially worry about no meat Friday.


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