Smoked BBQ Chicken – How To Make BBQ Pulled Chicken – Weber Kettle


The Wolfe Pit shows you how to make BBQ Pulled Chicken on the grill. Unseasoned Chicken leg quarters are smoked with charcoal and apple wood on the grill. Once the chicken golden brown, has enough smoke flavor and tender it’s pulled off the grill and shredded by hand. Then generously seasoned with Wolfe Rub BBQ Seasoning and your favorite BBQ sauce. Eat as is or pile high on a fresh hamburger bun, top with cole slaw and enjoy!

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  1. Cris Workizer
    Cris Workizer says:

    Thanks for the weber link, got it.been cookin whole chickens on the weber kettle grill for over 30 years and you are so right pink near the bone is all good.when you can pull the drumstick or wing from the chicken its done..when your cutting it the juices should run clear,as you no. an instant read thermometer works as well,but I believe we no by color and time cooked..Thanks Larry,Ill take two with a very small side.

  2. joed596
    joed596 says:

    Thanks, Larry . . . I learn a lot from you. I always thought that the chicken meat should never show red or pink, e.g.

    That pulled chicken sandwich looks great! 🙂

  3. WiskyBuckHunting
    WiskyBuckHunting says:

    Looks amazing as always! Weber kettle is a chicken leg grilling machine.. load it up indirect cook and in roughly 45 mins with out ever opening the lid its done like clock work and you have perfectly done and moist chicken legs.


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