Smoke Roasted BBQ Chicken Quarters with a Bourbon Barbecue Sauce Glaze


Chef Tom whips up a grilled creamy coleslaw and then smokes up chicken quarters and glazes them with a bourbon barbecue sauce.

How to Break-Down a While Chicken:

Full recipe:

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  1. Xquisitaz
    Xquisitaz says:

    I don’t think most people desire the work nor have the knife skills to julienne a carrot and it takes a lot longer than putting it through a mandolin or even a cheese grater. Plus the thinner julienne of carrot would blend in better with the slaw.

  2. rneustel
    rneustel says:

    I totally agree about the Ranchero seasoning! My bottle is nearly empty—I’ll be ordering more pretty soon!! I love it on all kinds of things—I added it to guacamole yesterday!!!

  3. ryguyw1
    ryguyw1 says:

    I have a dairy allergy so can I use a dairy free sour cream or yogurt with the same effectiveness? Or just add more mayo? Thank you. Definitely trying this tonight!

  4. jonathan pompey
    jonathan pompey says:

    I have been following and watching most if not all of your videos. But I'm sorry. Alot of your videos you get way to cute or over complicate what I feel is simply BBQ. And honestly alot of what I see is you trying to make your opinion and views on the cook…. The way or law! And alot of this is not the case. I'm just watching cook on damn chicken quarters! And you turn this into some Frankenstein ass wannabe Gordon ramsey/Myron Mixon/Bobby flay!! FOR CHICKEN QUARTERS!! I get it! You want to show us all your skills and cooking knowledge! But God damn man! I'm going through most of your videos! And you just over complicate things! And force your opinion on said cook as if you are the one and only. Seriously! Just show us basic methods and ideas! Show the common person they can make or do these fantastic dishes on reasonable terms and budgets. Not everyone can afford these damn grills and cooking devices man! God damn!

  5. Dave
    Dave says:

    I don't understand the downvotes. At no point while watching this video did the thought of "I wouldn't wolf this meal down like a wild animal" occur in my head. Vegans stopping by, maybe?

  6. Buck Shot
    Buck Shot says:

    Best slaw recipie. Cabbage shredded with box grader. Dukes mayo, white sugar touch of cider vinegar touch of salt and black pepper. Simple yet delicious. It's an old Amish recipe.

  7. DentargPL
    DentargPL says:

    I cooked it next day after you put video on. But I used a bit different bbq sauce. Anyway it was the best slaw I've ever have. And chicken was also very nice. This grilled slaw is dope.

  8. Randy Walker
    Randy Walker says:

    This looks fantastic and is definitely going on the "meals to try" list! Here's an idea for a future video – Steak Oscar. Nice cut of steak, some fresh crab, custom home made sauce, some grilled veggies…


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