Smoke + Fried Buffalo Wings


These Smoke + Fried Buffalo Wings are amazing. Chef Tom first smokes up some wings on the Yoder Smokers YS640 and then fries them in our Lodge 7-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven on the side burner of the Napoleon Grill P500RSIB.

Full recipe:

Products Used:

– Wusthof Classic 6″ Curved Boning Knife:
– Cornhusker Kitchen Duck Fat Cooking Spray:
– Noble Saltworks Hickory Smoked Flaked Finishing Salt:
– LEM Products Jerky Rack, 18″ x 13″:
– Yoder Smokers YS640 Pellet Grill:
– Wusthof Epicure 7″ Santoku, Granton Edge:
– Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender:
– CrushGrind Kala Spice Grinder, Black:
– Napoleon Grills Prestige P500RSIB:
– Lodge 7-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven:
– Lodge 9″ Cast Iron Skillet:
– Killer Hogs Hot Sauce:

Full Recipe:

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  1. Terrence Wright
    Terrence Wright says:

    Chef Tom thought about this a while back because I smoke everything. My question for you is after it comes off of the smoker are they cooked enough to kill bacteria and let them cool before putting in fryer? I want to have this as a menu option on a food truck. Would be nice to have a case of wings smoked up and ready to drop in the grease as the orders come through.

  2. Mike Leahy
    Mike Leahy says:

    Couple things about Buffalo Wings, from a Buffalo Native.
    Never Ranch. No room for discussion here.
    Also, Frank’s Hot Sauce only.
    Make it any other way and they’re just Chicken Wings.
    Other than those sins, you did good!

  3. Rich DeForest
    Rich DeForest says:

    100% EXCELLENT process to make some of the BEST wings I've ever had! One word of caution… careful not to over-season like I did; a light to medium dusting of rub is sufficient. Especially if you've brined in some of Malcom Reed's Buffalo Sauce!! BTW, I like my wings dry rubbed so I skipped the sauce and sprinkled a follow up light dusting of rub after the deep fryer! AMAZING!

  4. E Smith
    E Smith says:

    I like ranch dressing for salads and other applications but for wings it is straight dookie. Bleu cheese is a must. If you can source it, get Rooties. I’m from Buffalo and overweight so you can trust me.


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