Slow Cooker Pulled Beef – Shredded Beef Chuck Roast Recipe

The Wolfe Pit shows you how to make Pepper Stout Beef. Beef braised with Guinness Extra Stout, peppers and onions until fall apart tender.

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  1. r harris
    r harris says:

    I don't drink beer so I don't really know the difference between stout and lager–but I have some Yuengling lager that I use to cook with. Would that work with this recipe equally as well as stout?

  2. Alex Lazarevich
    Alex Lazarevich says:

    Really enjoying your videos – giving me plenty of new ideas for cooking. I especially like that you use the grill, smoker, crock pot, and the saute pan. It really adds variety to your channel and makes it more enjoyable to watch a lot of your videos.

  3. BeeRich33
    BeeRich33 says:

    Hey Wolfie, what's this music? (sorry just read the description) Maybe a video of seasoning the pan would be good.  If you want some beer recommendations, let me know.  Beer has a tremendous application in cooking, yet it's hardly a go-to for people.  Much greater breadth than wine has.  You makin me hungry at 2 am again.  

  4. MsFunnyhome
    MsFunnyhome says:

    Great, I'm serving for me and my husband green smoothies at the Moment, so that is looking so delicios that I would do it the next childfree day we stay alone!!!   🙂
    Thanks and Greetings from Berlin-Germany
    MsFunnyHome – cake baker from Berlin / Germany

    T-ROY COOKS says:

    Great video Larry! I love the flavor Guinness gives to chicken, but I've never tried it with beef. I'll have to give it a shot after seeing this fantastic dish. Thanks brother!!!

  6. Juanelo1946
    Juanelo1946 says:

    Larry, oh, be still my heart! The sandwich makes me swoon with desire! It's awesome! I recently did a video using a large, low-carb flat bread, and I see no reason why this deliciousness couldn't be bundled handily into one of those. You prove that this magnificent recipe is easy using a slow cooker. Thanks so much for another great one!  — John


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