Sirloin Steaks recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


Sirloin steaks are a grilling favorite, and for good reason. They’re rich in beef flavor and real easy to grill on the barbecue. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys cook up the classic Top Sirloin using a few tips and tricks to serve them up perfect every time. Print this recipe and 100’s more at our Website

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  1. J GRM
    J GRM says:

    We need an investigation on the gun violence occured during the murder of a steak thief. Two (2) dudes were BBQueing together, one murdered the other in a non-sense violence. May Hillary returned in 2020 to beat Trump and confiscate this dude gun.

  2. 8622rtec
    8622rtec says:

    Hey fellas, great channel but I gotta give you a tip. Don't outline your thumbnails in red… looks like I've already watched the video on my feed. Keep up the good cookin 👌

  3. Sérgio Quintiliano
    Sérgio Quintiliano says:

    Man!! This channel is the best Youtube channel. I'm Portuguese, I've never been to the United States of America, but somehow I feel the spirit of true american in here and it's awesome! Besides, this channel is the most masculine and straight channel of Youtube. A channel made by men, FOR men! It is not a sissy/veggie channel, nor of "politically correctness". That's what I like about this channel, its exponential! No bull*****! Keep up guys, and THUMBS UP!! IT SMELL GUD!!!!!


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