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Shame Shame P.F. Chang is right! This is the fourth frozen dinner I’ve tried from P.F. Changs and it’s equally as bad as the previous 3 meals I have tried! But how bad was it really? Watch and see!


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  1. Brennan Perry
    Brennan Perry says:

    I think the way to do this would be to remove all of the frozen sauce bits first. Pan fry just the chicken, maybe with a little spray oil. Put the frozen sauce pieces in for the last few minutes.

  2. Mark Van
    Mark Van says:

    I found the honey chicken pretty good, except it is not crunchy. You mentioned cooking it in an airfryer first and then adding the sauce after. What do you think the time / temp should be on the fryer? Thanks!

  3. Busta Nutt
    Busta Nutt says:

    Im sorry, i just dont get all the excitement with pf changs. Ive had about 5 diffrent frozen meals and tbh, i really didnt like them. No disrespect to anyone who does of course.

  4. Deplorable Sith
    Deplorable Sith says:

    Add Leeann Chin to that list of soul sellers. Their food is absolute dogs*t compared to what it used to be. So bad now, they had to drop their beef entrees because the quality was so bad. Mostly chicken from them now.


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