Reverse Sear Steak on a Gas Grill


If you can’t tell from our videos, we love steak, especially when the steak is a Creekstone Farms Master Chef Choice Cowboy Ribeye. In this video Chef Tom reverse sears our ribeye on a Napoleon Grills P500RSIB and infuses it with a little smoke flavor during the first part of the cook.

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  1. urtypicalguy
    urtypicalguy says:

    In each of your vids regarding steak, you use a variety of seasonings. What is your favorite "go-to" steak seasoning if you had to choose?

  2. Christopher Finney
    Christopher Finney says:

    Good video! Steak turned out great. Glad you like the method. I always recommend resting the meat in between the low part of the cook and the sear, but it's not something you have to do.
    Chris Finney "Creator of the Reverse Sear Method"

    T-ROY COOKS says:

    I love steak also and that is one steak I wish I had on my plate right this minute. Man, did that look good!!! I sometimes wrap bacon around my ribeye, sort of like you do with a filet, which adds another depth of flavor. Mmmm!!!


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