Racked Up Rib Cage IKEA hack | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys


Discover how effective it is using a cheap IKEA pot lid rack to fit more St Louis cut pork ribs on a weber kettle grill. Smoked low and slow and covered in a honey BBQ sauce, these pork privilege seasoned ribs are a must.
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47 replies
  1. sls3553
    sls3553 says:

    Absolutely Brilliant! Y'all are living proof of the saying: "innovation is born out of necessity". Now where the heck can I get those contraptions?

  2. Schmidty’s Kettle Corn
    Schmidty’s Kettle Corn says:

    I in my next life want to be a dog raised by the BBQ Pit Boys. Lol. Cause you know he or she eats GUUUD. Great video. And I love the band that does your music.

    The lyric I'm fire and she's gasoline made me reflect on some past relationships. Lol.

  3. JonD
    JonD says:

    I have the ikea rack but I just put the ribs through the slats. It holds 6 racks. The rolled or crown method seems so much more difficult than it has to be

  4. Alan W
    Alan W says:

    Request for BBC Pitt Boys: Can you make up a Fred Flinstone rib rack recipe and share it with us? Ive always liked the idea of Fred Flinstone style ribs. As big and juicy as you can get em

  5. Charles Grieve
    Charles Grieve says:

    I like the use Good Old Aussie Red Gum for smoke in my Webber, luckily it's everywhere here in Australia, but the greater world wide pit community should give it a go too 😉👍


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