Quesadilla Burger on the Le Griddle

Chef Tom is back with another burger. The Quesadilla Burger is exactly what you think, a burger with two quesadillas as buns. Enjoy!

Full Recipe: http://thesauce.atbbq.com/quesadilla-burger/

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  1. Patrick Banks
    Patrick Banks says:

    The only thing I don't like about this is most of the creations aren't within most people's means. That line where he says if you don't have a griddle you could use your napoleon or komado Joe….wtf dude u think I can just drop a couple grand on a grill lol still like this channel though but not gonna buy this expensive ass shit

  2. RaPtoRsR3V3nG3
    RaPtoRsR3V3nG3 says:

    Thanks for your awesome receipts! I really love watching your show! Is it possible that you tell us what ingredients your rubs have? See that I am not able to buy those rubs over here and you unfortunately don't deliver to Germany I really would like to try building something similar by myself.


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