Pulled Pork – Pulled Pork Recipe – How To Make Pulled Pork


This video recipe shows you how The Wolfe Pit makes Pulled Pork BBQ. Starting with an 8lb Boston butt, rubbed liberally with Wolfe Rub Original. Then slow smoked using hardwood lump charcoal and apple wood until it’s fall apart tender and juicy. This is “The Best Pulled Pork” you’ll ever have.

Wolfe Rub Recipes – http://wolfepit.blogspot.com/2009/10/wolfe-rub-bbq-seasoning-recipes.html

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  1. Cris Workizer
    Cris Workizer says:

    Nice cook Larry, you beat that one up.nice looking pork and a great sandwhich..have you tried the Frog bone sauces ?? if not check it out on line.Iam gonna pic up some sauce and rubs.its a cajin spice..everyone seems to be using it.

  2. TheWolfePit
    TheWolfePit says:

    Thanks John! Applewood has turned into one of my favorite woods. I have an eye Dr. that also gives me a tremendous amount of seasoned precut chunks of cherry wood every time go in for a visit. Do you have access to cherry?

    Glad you are enjoying the rubs John! I am extremely jealous of your wide variety of FRESH available seafood!

  3. jeffxl12
    jeffxl12 says:

    It would of helped if I would of put a just in the sentence lol. I will just have to try and put mine fat side down. Better? Lol.

    Because you don't use the fat you should get a pork shoulder. I don't like them, It is the sirloin of them and the butt is prime rib.

    Note to self: don't type when listening to something out

  4. jeffxl12
    jeffxl12 says:

    you just ruined it. You don't use the fat? Then you go get a shoulder lol. That is hard to swallow. I will put my fat side down in my electric smoker with it injected with Bone Suckin Sauce.

  5. peelmeone
    peelmeone says:

    Larry, the application of the Texas Pete and its spicy vinegary flavor set my salivary glands into overdrive! I know it was perfect with the slaw and that wonderful pork butt! I am moving to a larger place soon, and look forward to finally mixing up your rubs. Michael

  6. BurnsCanCook
    BurnsCanCook says:

    If that is a LITTLE heat, then the Pope is a LITTLE Catholic! I love me some pulled pork. I like to serve mine on Hawaiian rolls, so you can feed an army with a butt that size.

  7. joed596
    joed596 says:

    P.S. for a "new and better grill", I mean I can now really appreciate the ability to flip up part of the grate to add more coals, wood chips, etc. So a Weber grill is in my future!


  8. joed596
    joed596 says:

    Wolfe, I've learned an awful lot from you lately, and it is really starting to sink in!

    I finally think I'm getting the hang of your ideas (meat temperature, apple wood smoke etc.), and I will definitely be getting a new and better grill for next season. I meant to do it this year, but couldn't afford it 🙁

    Thanks so much for the consistent approach you use in your videos. It's hard to teach an "old dog" new tricks, but you're doing a great job *lol*

    All best and thumbs up, Jersey Joe 🙂

    GRUBDUDE says:

    Duuuuuuuuude. WolfeBITE! One thing I am always fascinated with is (Not only) the pre-weight of the meat, but also the post-cook weight. It is just interesting to be how much moisture is lost, but also gained back as the connective tissue breaks down and melts. Fascinating, I tell ya! 😀


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