Pub Cheese Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Chef Tom takes chicken breasts to to the next level with this double stacked grilled chicken sandwich with Nashville hot pub cheese, roasted garlic & bacon aioli and fresh veggies on a pretzel bun!

Full recipe:


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  1. Chad Smith
    Chad Smith says:

    Ate dinner an hour ago. Saw the video, damn I want a chicken sami. Chef Tom killed it, best chicken sandwich I have ever seen. Some homemade soft pretzels would go nice with all that leftover pub cheese or in a grilled cheese oh my.

  2. stwelve
    stwelve says:

    Absolutely amazing looking sandwich. I will be making the pub cheese very soon, it looks so easy and can be used in so many ways. Way to go, Chef Tom!

  3. Sam Frank
    Sam Frank says:

    Just got my Yoder last week, already have over 24 hours on it! Always looking for the next cook, needless to say I have been watching the Sauce videos non-stop! Very tasty stuff! Thanks for the inspiration and quality videos!


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