Product Roundup: Ooni Fyra


Chef Tom cooks on the all-new Ooni Fyra Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven and puts it to the test to see how it cooks a pizza in less than two minutes.

Learn more about the Ooni Fyra now:

Check out our full line-up of ingredients for your next pizza here:

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  1. Brittany Wendland
    Brittany Wendland says:

    So I have a gift card for you guys, and I am very tempted to use it to get one of these. Just one question, how much smoke does it produce when you first get it going? I have really close neighbors and don't want to smoke them out every time I want pizza.

  2. Terencé Vasquez
    Terencé Vasquez says:

    Great pizza. I bought the ooni fyra recently because I've always wanted the ooni 3 since I first saw it on this channel, they make great ovens and this was even more affordable and the great thing is they have improved this oven from the ooni 3. You guys make amazing food and have great videos. Thanks for the inspiration as always…you did it once again!

  3. Finite Tuning
    Finite Tuning says:

    I'm honestly shocked, I looked at the price tag and it's within the realm of reasonable for a change, for a couple pieces of bent sheet metal that it is. I was expecting the typical $599 and I was wrong!


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