Product Round-up: Kamado Joe Pellet Joe


Chef Tom gives an overview of the new Pellet Joe ceramic pellet grill from Kamado Joe, and gives it a test run smoking some low and slow spare ribs, then cranks up the heat and grills off some burgers.
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  1. Ross Malagarie
    Ross Malagarie says:

    $2000 for 255 square inches of cooking surface? I'll would recommend the Pit Boss Austin XL for $447 at with its 930 square inches of cooking area. I LOVE mine. Or the Pit Boss 1150 Pro Series with its easy ash clean out, and direct or indirect flame plate operation from the outside and 1150 square inches of cooking area for $600.

  2. Ann Mc Keon Collins LCGI
    Ann Mc Keon Collins LCGI says:

    Thought the idea of getting was being out door and working with your grill, may as well set the table out side cook inside and bring food out, so many gadgets it now in all grills pellet kamado, why grill at all. But as always great review

    PGH_FREERIDE says:

    Hey Chef Tom, do you have a recommendation for people who would love this tool, but don't want to spend that much on it? Are there any lesser alternatives to explore that you could recommend? Thanks as always!

  4. Jake Trachsel
    Jake Trachsel says:

    Kamado kills it again. Great engineering and seems like it can please minimalists (I understand that this is a Cadillac kind of minimalist) and people that want app control. The money design feature to me is the auger moves vertically and I would assume keep problems away from the “pellet hopper”. Thanks chef Tom.

  5. ocnier
    ocnier says:

    So Chef would you go with the pellet or traditional charcoal kamado?…. I'm just curious in regards to things like the slow roller which this doesn't have.

  6. Rum and Cook
    Rum and Cook says:

    Really feel like KJ missed the mark on this one. It's way too small, you have to take apart to clean every time, its app or dial only, and it's way over priced at $2k. KJ is known for giving way more value and features in the Kamado market, not so with this attempt. Spend a bit more and get a Yoder YS640s, far more cooking area, and way more bang for the buck.

  7. KD Stoffel
    KD Stoffel says:

    Wait, what!? Could this actually be a “one tool that does everything” solution? I already know the Joe can do Low & Slow, but if it can honestly grill and hit 600* for a pizza ON PELLETS… count me in.

  8. Ben Q
    Ben Q says:

    Just bought a house, would love to have one of these in the future. Do you guys know if there's a cheaper one or another product similar to it? 2 grand is way out of my budget

  9. Andy Ceranski
    Andy Ceranski says:

    I’ve had two pellets grills now and in my opinion you just don’t get any real smoke flavor. I have an offset now and would never switch back. It’s more work but it’s worth it in the end. I’d rather have an original kamado Joe. It seems like they made this just to be in the pellet market.

  10. Darin Meadows
    Darin Meadows says:

    I made some comments a few days ago when Atlanta Grill Co. came out with their video. It's the same comments many of you are making about 2K for an 18 inch grill. There's nothing unique that this pellet grill does. Many pellet grills can sear steaks and most hold way more food than this. My concern with Atlanta Grill's video and with this one, is the grease management and drain. There was allot of flame up on this video with burgers, and also on the steak Atlanta Grill did. I'm just wondering about fire issues if it starts pooling or doesn't drain quickly. It seems like it would be much harder to clean than like a Camp Chef or some others. Anyway, i'm looking forward to more videos.

  11. Garth Clark
    Garth Clark says:

    Nice looking smoker/cooker.
    I'm still impressed with a Weber 22" kettle for $100 even though I still have one from the 1980's that is a chocolate brown color. Still cooks good, easy to use and clean. I'll doubt I'll ever need WiFi on my BBQ grill.


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