Prison Pad Thai Recipe for .47¢ – Good for Broke College  Students Too – Budget Noodles

Prison Pad Thai Recipe for .47¢ – Good for Broke College Students Too – Budget Noodles

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“Broken Reality” Kevin
MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  1. Selale Z
    Selale Z says:

    Just to point out the thing that Martha Stewart went to jail for was done by several Senators recently and they did not even get a warning, so lay off Martha because insider trading is obviously not that big a deal in the USA. JK

  2. Old Film Guy
    Old Film Guy says:

    One change I would recommend is to not put the seasoning in the ramen while it has liquid in it, rather after you mix it with the sriracha and peanut butter sauce, then add 1/4 cup of water or even less. It strengthens the seasoning packet influence on the noodles. I've been making my ramen noodles that way for years, but now have the added idea for making it with the sauce you've recommended. Appreciate it!

  3. Tom Williamson
    Tom Williamson says:

    As a Thai person (เออครับกูคนไทยแน่นอน) I don't think it's Pad Thai i need to be dryer than this watering noodle just take a water out a little.

  4. shadowtheimpure
    shadowtheimpure says:

    I'll tell you this, if you get a reputation in prison of being able to put together good meals…that is how you make friends. Everyone is gonna want to meal up with you since you know what the hell you're doing.

  5. Aramis419
    Aramis419 says:

    When I was a guest of, and enjoyed the hospitality of the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we came up with some pretty creative meals. I forget them all, now, though.

  6. William Harris
    William Harris says:

    I am surprised that nobody has asked for Pruno — the quintessential prison recipe! There are countless variations, but I want to see Larry's take on it. Perhaps get creative and make several different versions to compare.

  7. Hanna Kin
    Hanna Kin says:

    I've never been in prison or jail but I make this at home and call it Faux Pad Thai. I often add left over chicken and/shrino, some fresh green beans or pea pods. I made it with leftover pork chop and once with bacon and scrambled egg. Really fat, yummy and frugal.

  8. Robert Adams
    Robert Adams says:

    This is a great recipe, Larry! Simple, cheap. Perfect for $ 4 a gallon gas times. Two packs of ramen with a few added things can easily feed 4 people. I use them often in a stir-fry, and you can even break them up and make pizza crust! (don't ask). HaHa. Keep 'em commin, thanks!😉😋

  9. ruckers1624
    ruckers1624 says:

    Hi Larry!!! You have not posted videos in a very long time and I must admit I have missed you very much. I hope your health is okay. And if you were in prison you are a very naughty naughty boy 🙂


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