Pork Ribs Memphis Style by the BBQ Pit Boys


This sweet, smoky blend of chili peppers, savory spices and herbs gives meat a bold, flavorful crust that seals in juices. Rub generously on meat before grilling (about 2 tablespoons per 1 pound). Also great on chicken and in butter to season corn! Print the recipe at our website: http://bbqpitboys.com/recipes/pork-ribs-memphis-style

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  1. organicwest
    organicwest says:

    I am all for companies making rubs just wish they would leave out all the salt and let people add as little or as much as they want. 

    Love cooking for my Ma and anything with salt gets added to the not list.

    BTW love the Pit Boys and many thanks to McCormick for helping to keep these old buzzards stocked with enough meat to continue.

  2. Scott B
    Scott B says:

    I have used the McCormick rub, and it does a fine job. Good way to change up my own….er I mean the BBQ Pit Boys home made rubs occasionally. I don't care if they are plugging a product, from time to time, got to pay the bills somehow. One thing I do know, these guys will never let you down. If the Pit Boys are gonna promote it, then I'll bet it will be mouth water'n good, and it's worth trying. I have never had a recipe site fail me yet, and a lot of grilling guests who will confirm that!

  3. mrbr549
    mrbr549 says:

    As someone already mentioned, the rub you make yourself is much better. However, I know some people won't take time to make their own. And anyway, as McCormick evidently helps pay the bills for the Barbecue Pit Boys now, I guess we had better get used to product placement in their videos.

  4. wayniac917
    wayniac917 says:

    @FirefightersTV as good as the BBQ pit boys are I doubt they're getting a million dollars per video. that just seems a little high for a youtube channel. then again i could be wrong and need to get into the Youtube business.

  5. monkeyman522
    monkeyman522 says:

    Sorry but the best rub is the one you make yourself. I tried that McCormick pork rub once and didn't care for it one bit. If McCormick is paying the pit boys though, by all means make the video and take their money.

  6. Tyroniix
    Tyroniix says:

    Sounds Like They Got Themselves A Brand That We All Like,But I Must Say, I Expected Alot More Origional Thought Into The Flavors But, Regardless Great Vid…

  7. Steve Roberts
    Steve Roberts says:

    Blooper: First you say "no BBQ sauce within 5 miles" Then rather than RUB you say "BBQ sauce along the sides, thats optional"

    Words are not perfect, but I bet your ribs are!!!!!!

    Happy 4th pit boys……

  8. BBQ Pit Boys
    BBQ Pit Boys says:

    @741bmx the previous vid shows you in a lot more detail how to make these Dry Rub Ribs. Especially useful if you've never made "low and slow" pork spare ribs before! -BBQ Pit Boys


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