Pork Belly Tacos Al Pastor


Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill for Pork Belly Tacos Al Pastor. As good as the taqueria, but made right at home!

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37 replies
  1. hamid Ali kiani
    hamid Ali kiani says:

    I need you opinion on the following BBQ process on pork ribs and pulled pork, the marinate was a whole orange, whole lemon, whole apple, with I was not sure if it was sugar or salt in a blender it became a bright yellow marinate then the pork was marinated in it of about a day after that it was pulled out of the marinate and coated with bright yellow mustered, then a mix of what it seams to be a paprika, red flaked peppers, and bit of coffee (not sure on the coffee), with black pepper and salt then it was sent to be BBQ ed from time to time he would coat the pork specially at the last moments with a BBQ sauce, after it was done it would be wrapped in foil to rest from what I heard it was mind blowing.
    I just need to know your version and what could be done better or what it should not be done.
    thanx for sharing your information

  2. Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez says:

    One of the things my father does for these (and almost any build it yourself taco we prepare using one of his mother’s recipes) is to pickle sliced red onion with finely chopped habanero peppers in lime juice. The acidity helps with the heat of the habanero (in a good way for those who prefer milder heat), but it does wonders to compliment the other flavors within the marinade. I’m not sure how it would combine with the pineapple (none of my grandmother’s recipes call for pineapple), but they both serve the purpose of being in that citrusy/tangy vibe to the flavor profile. Very interested by the use of pork belly. We’ve never done that in our family….yet. I might want to give it a shot because as you said the lack of necessary equipment to accomplish this seems super handy

  3. Terry Hoey
    Terry Hoey says:

    Looks delicious. That marinade is really close to what I use on Pork Tenderloins. Smoke to 110* and then sear to 140* to get a nice char on the outside. Always a pleasure sir…

  4. Brady McPhail
    Brady McPhail says:

    I just bought a Kamado Joe and a Pizza oven from All Things BBQ, and Al Pastor is by far my favorite meat of all. You have to know I will be making this recipe and making pizzas with the leftovers with Pineapple and Mexican cheese, fresh chilies and fresh Mexican Oregano from my garden! Thanks you guys…

  5. SquirrelKnight
    SquirrelKnight says:

    Don't get me wrong, I love your videos!

    As a certified foody I enjoy recepies from different cultures! So many unique ways to cook or prepare food in the world!

    That said…
    After following your content for years I honestly couldn't point out a dish that wasn't over seasoned!

    I'm not a health nut by all means, but damn ya'll americans are salty af lol

  6. Brittany Wendland
    Brittany Wendland says:

    Ok, this is convincing me to try pork belly again. I tried cooking with it, and I wasn't super impressed. But the pork belly you used looked much nicer than what I found. Way more meat still attached than what I had. I love Al Pastor and will be trying this soon!


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