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Fast Food Review!! I’m trying Popeye’s LOADED Cajun Fries with Cajun Gravy that cost $2.49. Have you tried these yet? Are they any good or good for us? How do they taste? How’s the quality? Is it a bargain? Watch and see!

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“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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49 replies
  1. Bite Me
    Bite Me says:

    You can't even go anywhere in the world and buy a decent, honest to gawd french fry anymore! That's bad enough, blasphemy like making cajun fries, dipping them in gravy, of all things or dipping them in cheese or ranch dressing or pickle relish is an inexcusable one way ticket to hell! Anybody that eats french fries smothered in all that crap are sick, demented, perverted, deranged, obscene and evil. There are billions of people alive today that have no idea what a real french fry from a 50s or 60s Diner or Drive-In tastes like! The government Health Nazis and the corporations have destroyed our food supply! Now they're taking gluten out of everything and making it all tastes like crap! Just so these wussy liberal hypochondriacs can join in the fad and think that they're allergic to gluten! B.S………. damn them, damn them all to hell!
    ( confess your sins now, Larry, before it's too late! )

  2. Nick Cuccaro
    Nick Cuccaro says:

    I'm gonna post this on every video I watch. I originally found his channel late and wanted to watch the videos faster, so I turned up the speed to 1.5x playback. I simply CANT go back now. He sounds SO much funnier, his comments, and his delivery and "YOU the people" is even better. I guarantee, if you go to 1.5 and get used to it, it's SO much better than the original speed.

  3. Indrid_Cold
    Indrid_Cold says:

    Woolfie, your videos continue to impress me. Your detective work on the nutritional value of these fries was on a par with what I'd expect from a real news channel ( like MSNBC). Most YouTubers would not have gone to that much trouble. This is why I continue to watch and enjoy the "what are we eating" segments on your channel. You are a real professional. My compliments!

  4. essanance
    essanance says:

    I love Popeye s , chicken strips spicy , red beans and rice and biscuits also when they have their PoBoys they are fire…. Screw their fries and you don't have to do shit for me , I'd rather you get stuff that we know is gonna be good

  5. FD Mackey
    FD Mackey says:

    If there was a Popeye's here in Aberdeen, MD and not twelve or so miles away The Lovely Bride would eat those things three times a day with a side of their "hottest" chicken…..As for me?….I can't even stand their biscuits…..

  6. JK G
    JK G says:

    “FOR THE PEOPLE” my ass😂😂😂😂You a fat ass that love food, cut it out don’t blame the subscribers for your bad health and food choices you clown 😭😭😭😭

  7. Jakob Spector
    Jakob Spector says:

    The fact that upon being unable to find nutritional information on this menu item he attempted to reconstruct the data shows great dedication on his part. I would like to pass a thank you. I am never going to eat this stuff with being British but it was earned all the same.


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