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Oreo Pizza ??? Yeah, that’s right, Pizza Hut recently made an Oreo pizza…
So naturally we had to check it out before the it was claimed as an authentic Italian concept. it met all our expectations as you would expect from such a dumpster fire of an idea.
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34 replies
  1. David Gay
    David Gay says:

    Have been following you all for around 3 yrs you all always make very good videos . Keep good ppl and good going bbq pit boys . I would like to start a chapter one of these days

  2. JB Thor
    JB Thor says:

    Burp. Yes that was definitely out of this world pizza. I'll have to try the asparagus juice if I can get it a Hugo's Family Market ? As for the pizza I will get me some Oreo cookies with my next Hawaiian Pizza. 😋

  3. 高漢鴻
    高漢鴻 says:

    that things have previous version
    I don't know is that will be better?

    all Oreo on side (no beef)
    Hsien Su Chi(popcorn chicken in Taiwan style) put on cheese
    fried squid ring & fried Surimi(fish mince) beside chicken
    at last embellished chopped green onion & basil

  4. Dan Tien
    Dan Tien says:

    Italians alert: do not Google any of the pizzas below. Search at your own discretion.

    Taiwanese here, for some unknown reasons, Puzzahut Taiwan has made out of this world pizza combos, including bubble tea pizza, beyond meat meat sauce pizza, stinky tofu pizza, Szechuan spicy pizza, peanut mochi pizza, durian pizza (a la Hawaiian), ramen pizza, match sweets pizza, and pig blood cake(black pudding with sticky rice) with cilantro and thousand year egg pizza.

    Btw pizza hut India got momo Mia pizza too. Again dear Italians, Google at your own risk.

  5. sls3553
    sls3553 says:

    O..M..G! What in the world is that? Lord have mercy! Now, don't get me wrong, I give the credits for out-of-the-box thinking but sometimes you gotta draw the line. "It's not inedible, but it's ridiculous." Yep, blaze sums it up perfectly. 😁😁😁😁


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