Pitboss Austin XL Review


This is my opinion and review of my Pitboss Austin XL. I bought mine the day after Christmas. I have not had any issues as of yet so i hope this helps you. This is an entry level pellet grill, but i love mine and it seems to cook as well as a higher level one.

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  1. Ross Malagarie
    Ross Malagarie says:

    Hopper Grate trick. Take all the screws out of the hopper grate EXCEPT the 2 closest to the barrel on either side. Those two screws are now the "hinge" screws that you can lift open the grate to move/remove the pellets. Then with the grate open put the screws back in their holes and buy nuts to tighten the screws in place then lower the grate so that it rests on top of the screws so you can use it and open it.

  2. Ross Malagarie
    Ross Malagarie says:

    The grease at the bottom is good. Just use some paper towels to get most of it off and spray PAM on the rest of the inside that doesn't have grease on it to help coat it for rust protection

  3. DarK Toad One
    DarK Toad One says:

    I've had my Austin XL for more than a few years now and never had a problem with it, mine stays extra clean because I always lay my meats on a roasting rack, the smoke circulates all around it and the grease falls in the bottom of the rack instead of in the grill. For clean up all I have is ash, so I get my trusty little shop vac and suck up the ash and it's ready to go.

  4. John Manthey
    John Manthey says:

    Asks for te video. I have the Pit Boss Copperhead vertical smoker from Pit Boss and have been thinking of the XL. Considering space limits I also was leaning toward a the Deluxe

  5. Carl Barkman
    Carl Barkman says:

    what are the measurements of each grate section? how many full racks of ribs will fit on the bottom grates? thx 4 the review.. also, are any of the products stainless steel?

  6. Timothy Harris
    Timothy Harris says:

    Brandon, you mentioned the color of the Pit Boss pellets… (Walmart-Lowe’s) is there a burn difference as well?

    I just bought a PB Austin XL and will be putting it together tomorrow.
    Thank you for the review!

  7. ludeape
    ludeape says:

    great review! The Pro 1100 is definitely worth the extra money though.. just for the front shelf, better grates, and external mechanism to open/close the sear plate alone..


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