Pit Beef BBQ – How To Make Baltimore Style Pit Beef – Pit Beef Recipe


This video shows you how to make Baltimore Pit beef using a charcoal grill, a beef top round steak,simply seasoned with Season Salt. Then grilled until crusty on the outside, rare and juicy inside and heaped high on a sandwich served with horseradish and sliced onion on a fresh Kaiser roll.

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  1. squaregrouperx
    squaregrouperx says:

    Hey der hon, youse done cooked dat like a true Baltimoron- right on down to da tiger sauce.
    BTW- The best pit beef is from Pioneer Pit Beef on Rolling Rd, south of Security Blvd, almost under I-70. Chaps is overrated.

  2. SuperMusicman1975
    SuperMusicman1975 says:

    That is a hard piece of meat to cook and make tender. I am a great cook my self and I can get it in but this meat is a challenge for myself to get the way I LOVE STEAK….Thanks for sharing and being honest was it still kinda tough??

  3. JeffPDX1
    JeffPDX1 says:

    I have one of those- and it works great when it's razor sharp- but I tend to grab my scalloped roast slicer (12") when I'm cutting real thin slices and don't feel like breaking out the 10" Chef's Choice semi-pro slicer. Ideally try to make each slice in 1 pass without the sawing action (I know- sometimes it just doesn't behave)

  4. Rivet Gardener
    Rivet Gardener says:

    Beautiful video, recipe and sammich! You sure made me hungry with this, and I know you enjoyed every bite of it. Very nice. Good looking piece of beef there and that Tony's spice is real tasty~ thanks for sharing!

  5. peelmeone
    peelmeone says:

    Hi Larry! Looks very good. We just call it "Tony's" down here. The last name is usually dropped, but is pronounced "shasharee". Heck, I think Tony's is good on everything! One of my favorite all purpose seasoning blends, for sure. Michael

  6. joed596
    joed596 says:

    Thank you, Wolfe! 🙂

    Question: . . . . I notice in MANY videos (besides yours) that you should leave the meat out to come up to "room temp" before cooking. But how important is that really?

    I am always concerned that food will go "bad" (botulism, etc.) if left out for any more than an hour.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks so much, and thumbs up always,
    Jersey Joe 🙂

  7. Mary Sullivan Frasier
    Mary Sullivan Frasier says:

    That meat and the sandwiches look incredible, Larry! We had a local steakhouse here that closed about 10 years ago. On their last night we went for dinner and decided to ask for the "secret" to such consistent steaks over the years. They told us they started them in an original "Radarange" microwave from the 50's and then threw them on the grill. Well… you could have knocked us over with a feather. lol We've never done it, but I like what you did on the Weber. Gotta give it a try! Thanks!


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