Pistachio Crusted Rack of Lamb


Chef Tom cooks up a beautiful rack of lamb with an amazing pistachio based crust. This recipe pops with flavor, and is a great update to your typical lamb recipe. Shop @ ATBBQ: https://www.atbbq.com/

Full Recipe: https://thesauce.atbbq.com/videos-pistachio-crusted-rack-of-lamb/

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  1. Martijn Samz
    Martijn Samz says:

    Very nice and going to try that this week. Unfortunately there is no Black Ops available where I'm living or online. Do you have any suggestions on creating a nice rub from scratch?

  2. Ben Romeo
    Ben Romeo says:

    Made this last weekend with some garlic mashed cauliflower and roasted carrots. I made my own Black Ops rub using the ingredients list and some guessing. The recipe as-is is VERY good, but it benefitted greatly from a simple pan sauce made with reduced beef broth, red wine, and a pad of butter. Great recipe, and thanks for the steady stream of good content.

  3. Josh Barr
    Josh Barr says:

    Chef Tom… would regular English mustard be a suitable substitute or is your mustard sauce not so strong.

    I was thinking of using an English mustard and adding a bit of honey and lemon juice to balance out the flavour (English yellow mustard is very strong)

    any advice? thanks

  4. Big Papi
    Big Papi says:

    I'd eat that crust by itself. Looks great! Noticed the crust was kind of falling off during carving. Would it be more solid if I wet it with egg white for instance rather than olive oil? The idea being the egg would solidify with heat.

  5. BudgetBBQ
    BudgetBBQ says:

    Hey Tom!! I just wanted to wish you and your family a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I always enjoy the videos…..its great to get ideas from another chef. Enjoy the holidays!!!!


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