Pineapple Whiskey Baby Back Ribs by the BBQ Pit Boys

Smoked Loin-Back Ribs braised in a Pineapple Whiskey Barbecue Sauce is easy to do as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. If you’re looking for a over-the-top pork rib recipe for Baby Backs, then ya gotta check this out..!


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  1. Bill Clay
    Bill Clay says:

    You know how i know this must taste great? Because he aint measured a gat dam thing. So that tells me he has made this recipe a gagillion times to where he doesnt need to measure shyt. Thats how you know someone can cook.

  2. WastrelWay
    WastrelWay says:

    Hah cherries. That might work better than starting your BBQ sauce with Dr. Pepper which is cherry-flavored, but since I learned that trick I've always used it. And I don't put that much sugar in, but molasses is good. Also, Jack Daniels.

  3. Quinty E
    Quinty E says:

    Definitely the best ever. My kinda cooking. Ingredients are eyeballed to about 1/4 of this and about a 1/2 of that and a bit of salt. When I cook me never use exact measurements. Best kinda cooking….U da best man…..


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