Pecan Sandies


Chef Britt shares one of her most popular recipes: smoked pecan sandies! First she cold smokes pecans before mixing them into a buttery shortbread and then rolls them in smoked maple turbinado sugar! Perfect for sharing with loved ones! Click for the recipe:

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  1. Jampants37
    Jampants37 says:

    I love pecan sandies so I'm going to have to try this. I've tried making cookies on my pellet smoker once before and they got burned. I'm not confident it can keep a stable temperature for baking.

  2. Chris Ross
    Chris Ross says:

    Can you guys speak more to where you have the heat baffler set on the Yoder YS640s, when doing your videos. Is it as simple as all the way out when smoking, and all the way in when you pull off the diffuser trap door?

  3. Nick Cutler
    Nick Cutler says:

    Awesome video you guys are fun to watch but I have to say when I saw the title I immediately thought of Roger from American Dad when he said “Pretty sure I asked for Pecan Sandies.”


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