Original Buffalo Wing Recipe – How to make Buffalo Wings


For this recipe and many more please visit The Wolfe Pit Blog – http://wolfepit.blogspot.com/2014/04/original-buffalo-wings-recipe.html

Chicken wings are a staple food at The Wolfe Pit! Deep fried, grilled, smoked, BBQ’d, pan fried, broiled, baked, you name it! The key to great wings is a crispy skin and a good sauce. Hot, mild, sweet, tangy or savory, the sauce it the magical ingredient that can make a good chicken wing or a bad chicken wing!

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  1. Hannah Duggan
    Hannah Duggan says:

    Homemade buffalo wings are the best. Mommy was making chicken wings for the family and she made my chicken wings extra crunchy with buffalo wing sauce on it. It was really good. I had 5 of them and I will eat the other 5 tomorrow. Me and my little brother Zach love buffalo wings, especially with the sauce. If Mommy would use extra sauce, then that would be good. But it was so good. My youngest brother Jeremiah hated the smell, but I thought that it smells very good. I especially love the spicy breaded chicken where Mommy used sriracha sauce and lots and lots of herbs. I remember when I had it for Sunday dinner when we all came home from night church and I had diarrhea from it. When I went to school, I told my teacher that I can't make it to work because I have diarrhea, so she made me drink ginger ale, which is really good. I like some spicy foods, like breaded chicken with sriracha sauce, duck noodles with jalapeño spice, and buffalo wing sauce on my chicken wings. But wasabi, no. I really hate wasabi because when I ate it at my cousins' house in New Jersey, my mouth started burning and I had to go to the sink to wash my mouth out. And cinnamon flavored candy. Too hot. When I was 18 years old, my aunt forced me to eat some of her cinnamon mints, but I told her no and she said, "Hannah, we're both female. All females should look the same and have the same interests." And buffalo wings and breaded chicken with sriracha sauce tastes so much better than cinnamon flavored candy. Mommy loves spicy food and she sometimes eats ghost pepper sauce plain. She loves that stuff.

  2. James Mesler
    James Mesler says:

    You have to be my age (grandpa) to actually know about 'original' wings from the Anchor Bar there. All of this is not what they were! I lived there and had them as a very young guy. They were roasted in a VERY hot oven. They came out with dry crisp dark skins. They were slathered with melted butter mixed with salt, red pepper, tomato sauce and garlic powder and shoved back in until smoking. The hot sauce did NOT coat your fingers much as it was baked in and pretty dry out of that commercial oven. The sauce is true: blue cheese, milk, vinegar whipped thick. When I ate them no one beyond a mile or two ever heard of them. If your 'buffalo wings' don't crunch from the well done skin when you bite into them, they are not what was invented.

    If you are under 65 of age, all you know is the commercialized versions from the subsequent owners. They are fine to wonderful too, just a different thing.

  3. Morguls Tower
    Morguls Tower says:

    Stop using plastic utensils. Plastic and aluminum leeches toxins into the food. I know you are known for your 1 star cooking but that doesn't mean you have 2 leech plastic and aluminum in the food.

  4. Mike P.
    Mike P. says:

    Started watching your DG films on food… you are literally the first channel I have ever subscribed to about food other than Gordon Ramsey… You are fucking honest, especially straight forward and actually show everything in your videos… you're awesome, thank you Wolfe Pit!

  5. Irish Tino
    Irish Tino says:

    Went to school at U. Buffalo. Never had wings till I attended Buff, ate 50 plus hot wings first night on campus at the Anchor Grill (where wings were invented supposedly) crapped fire the next day. Good times………….

  6. Bobby J
    Bobby J says:

    Hey Larry…. 🙂 I was hoping to see one of these kind of vids, inbetween your "What are We Eating" series!?!?!? (SAD FACE) 🙁 lol. anywho's… any chance you can revamp up to the challenge? 🙂 Miss this Vids bro! 🙁


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