Orange Marmalade Sriracha Wings – Grilled Chicken Wing Recipe


Chicken Wings with Orange Sriracha Glaze are on the menu today! The Wolfe Pit shows you how to make these spicy, sweet, sticky and delicious chicken wings. Chicken wings are grilled to perfection with a citrus BBQ rub, then coated in a spicy Orange Marmalade Sriracha Sauce. Spicy, sticky and sweet! A simply yet very delicious chicken wing recipe.

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  1. David Corsi
    David Corsi says:

    Thanks again Larry, I've made your recipe and always enjoyed it so much! Quick question… how did you feel these turned out adding the glaze only after cooking? I've followed your original directions and videos for this recipe in the past and caramelized the wings in the sauce but obviously that requires a bit of attention to not burn the sugary sauce and I'm not sure either if it really makes a difference to the end taste. Since I'm going to be making a large batch soon I was curious how you felt these turned out with adding the sauce at the end vs. the original way… Thanks again!

  2. vanscoyoc
    vanscoyoc says:

    Saucing on the grill can make a big burnt mess of the grill.  I like to heat the sauce on the stovetop in a really large metal bowl, kind of like you see them toss the wings in sauce in at Hooters.  The sauce, will caramelize onto the wings on the stovetop and you avoid a messed up grill.  You also don't need to make as much sauce to caramelize the sauce onto the wings.

  3. joed596
    joed596 says:

    Yep, Larry . . .  you're the MAN  🙂     Thanks so much for your wings videos and thumbs way up as always!
    Keep cool up there buddy,  more heat is on its way  <lol>    🙂       Norfolk Joe

  4. The Bald Chef
    The Bald Chef says:

    Larry, I think you become the undisputed world champion King of wings! You get more wing recipes up your sleeve, then a magician. I really like this Orange Marmalade Chicken Wing recipe, looks absolutely delicious!


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