OONI KARU Charcoal & Wood Set up Tutorial

OONI KARU Charcoal & Wood Set up Tutorial

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This video shows my method of cooking on charcoal in my Ooni Karu Pizza oven. Cooking on charcoal this way help achieve a very hot flame perfect for cooking those wood fired pizzas at home. This method can also be used on the Ooni Pro 16.


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  1. Frodo-Bagins Of-The-Shire
    Frodo-Bagins Of-The-Shire says:

    Thank you, good sir! I'm feel better prepared. I will be using my Ooni for the first time this weekend. If I can't find a gas adapter, I'll use charcoal. Do you notice any difference in flavor between any of the fuel sources? I imagine wood would give food a nice finish flavor.

  2. Matthias Mohr
    Matthias Mohr says:

    Hey Tom, would you recommend Carcoal and Wood or could "only" wood work as well? .. And what about the sparkling ember onto the pizza stone? Should that not be whisked away, before putting the fresh pizza to bake? Would the ember not bake into the dough and ruin a little bit the taste? Great video !! thank you very much

  3. Krishanu Sinha
    Krishanu Sinha says:

    Amazingly helpful video and thank you very much for the trick. I am planning to buy an Ooni Karu 12 to use it on my apartment balcony (approx. 6 meters long but only 1 meter wide balcony open on one side). I don't plan to use the gas option. So I am thinking I will use the Weber charcoal briquets for less smoke and 1-2 pieces of wood, as you suggested, towards the end for the rolling flame. Will this cause any flame coming out of the chimney? Charcoal cannot cause flame to come out of the chimney, right? And since I am using only 1-2 pieces of wood towards the end for the rolling flame, it should also not be enough to cause any flame to come out of the top of the chimney (or out of anywhere). Is my understanding correct? Thank you!

  4. Manfred Steger
    Manfred Steger says:

    Great Video. Works very well! I prefer to take only half the amount of briquettes and put some wood chunks between the charcoal. If I want to make more than 4 pizzas this video is a perfekt tutorial. 1kg good briquettes heat up the oven for about 1,5-2 hours and you only have to put 1-3 wood chunks (beech / hardwood) to get the perfekt heat and flames for a nice pizza. Don't use softwood, the tree resin ruins your stone and its a coom mess in your oven 🙂

  5. Robert Long
    Robert Long says:

    Thanks for the video! I enjoyed it.

    I use 'Royal Oak Hardwood lump' and 'HOT BOX Cooking Wood for Portable Pizza Ovens'. My problem is I have a hard time getting the Ooni Karu hot. Sometimes I can only get it to like 400 F. I think I need 900 F. I have an infrared temp gauge so I have a decent way to measure the temp. Do you have any tips for getting the temp up? Do I just need to wait longer?

    One thing I wondered is I store my oven and the stone outdoors, and it gets rained on. Do you think the stone is absorbing moisture and is that maybe preventing it from getting hot?

    Also do you prefer briquettes over the lump wood? Can the lump wood still generate enough heat? I use lump wood.

    Thanks a lot

  6. Paul Shepherd
    Paul Shepherd says:

    Got the Karu. So much better than the Fyra. My pro tip: make sure the ash tray isn’t upside down. You can fit more fuel in 😂. As you’ve said in another video – charcoal to temp then wood pieces for extra heat and flames. Just had a great pizza for lunch. Much prefer lump wood over briquettes too

  7. M A
    M A says:

    Great video- I noticed your oven is located under a wood shelter. I have a smokier setup and was wondering what your observations are regarding the hot exhaust rising and if this is impacting your wood shelter in any way? I guess height of the ceiling in the shelter factors into how quickly the heat dissipates. The ceiling in my wood shelter is 9 feet but about 5-6 feet from the top of the Ooni Kara exhaust pipe. Thanks in advance!

  8. John Cspine
    John Cspine says:

    This’ll help a lot w my new Ooni Karu 16..I hope you’ll get their little circular turning peel, that way you don’t have to pull the whole pizza out just to turn it..


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