OONI Gas vs Wood vs Pellets Comparison & Real Time Cook

OONI Gas vs Wood vs Pellets Comparison & Real Time Cook

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Welcome back to another comparison video! I get asked all the time which is best to cook on with my Ooni, Gas – Pellets or wood? Well my answer is always the same, there really is no best option, its how you want to cook, and the results you want that should be the decider for your fuel.
In this video we fire up the Ooni Karu, Ooni Fyra and Ooni Koda for a head to head comparison on Gas vs Wood vs Pellets!
Let me know in the comments section which is the your favourite fuel to cook with!
Thanks for watching!


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  1. Bret Leversha
    Bret Leversha says:

    The gas oven just is beyond simple and beats the other 2 hands down in every aspect. You could have cooked the pizza in the gas oven longer for a crispier crust I believe, but it is amazing how fast it cooked the pizza compared to the other 2. Someone mentioned in another post, you dont get the smokey flavour with the gas oven but you get all the other flavours that the smoke would normally hide. I think l'm after the Ooni gas pizza oven myself now. Great video Tommy.

  2. Jack
    Jack says:

    before cooking pizza on a wood fire oven, when the temperature is reached, always put woods in it: you ned the flame to cook your pizza:
    In fact , if we are talking only about the cooking, the gas was the best in this test because the flame is consistent!

    The pellet i guess was a bit weak, the woodfire would be the more wild and harder to cook on because you need the flame to be alive and it would burn your pizza everytime, but in this test, if u had the flame from the start of the cooking, it would've beeen better than the gas! 🙂

  3. Jordan Welborn
    Jordan Welborn says:

    The pellets have caught me out a few times. Once the oven is roaring, it powers through those pellets like nobody’s business!
    Always more fun and tastier than has though in my opinion.
    Great video 👍🏻

  4. Mark
    Mark says:

    Well the speed of the Gas oven will win every time if PURE SPEED is what you are after, But if Taste is any concern, then Wood or Charcoal is the better option.

  5. Marco Mariani
    Marco Mariani says:

    In my opinion the visual result is the same and as an Italian I recommend doing the same test with three different doughs, which have different hydration 💦🍕🇮🇹👌🏻👌🏻

  6. Donald Sanders
    Donald Sanders says:

    Best pizza I ever eat was in Germany at a Guesthouse that cooked the pizza in a bread oven in the middle of the dining area. The German town was Sindelfingen but I can no longer remember the name of the place. The date on the oven doors was 1492, yep Columbus and the Discovery of the Americas as a US Soldier this did not escape my notice, anyway the restuarant would build a hard wood fire in the morning and keep it going all day. In the evening they pushed the coals and ash back and to the sides and cooked the pizza on the stone the fire had been on. Was just a little wood ash on each pizza. A large pizza, Large Beer and Green Salad as about 11 Marks of 3 dollars US at the time. Wood is the only way a real pizza should be cooked and I'm 60 now and was 19 then and nothing has ever changed my mind on that fact.

  7. Tom M
    Tom M says:

    Great video. it would be fun test to see how the gas only oven like the koda 16 would would work if you add to it 8" pellet smoker tube as pit it against the stock pellet oven

  8. Chris
    Chris says:

    I got the middle pellet one 2 weeks ago for my birthday, I love it, makes great food, also got a fire pit for Christmas, so most weekends we are in the garden enjoying both toys. Kids love it, and we have had more family and friends over, really social experiance.

  9. Martin de Madrid
    Martin de Madrid says:

    Tom, I really enjoyed the video, subscribed, and gave it a thumbs-up. I am thinking of opening either a pizzeria or a pizza food truck and want to know if any of these ovens would work in a commercial environment. I know I would need good ventilation, but that is a given. Could any of these ovens be used inside with a hood? How do you think they would hold up in a commercial environment? I imagine the truck route would be best with a gas oven. Thanks for a great YouTube site for all of us pizza addicts!

  10. 57koop
    57koop says:

    Great video I appreciate it but I really would like the wood taste would smoke taste that’s why even though it takes a little bit more maintenance to keep it going I like the karu

  11. Jeff Bruenderman
    Jeff Bruenderman says:

    Great video, thanks. My wife just bought me the Karu 12 wood / gas. I will be starting on wood first while I wait on the gas conversion kit.

    Question…Do you think using this inside my screen ed in porch would be ok or do you feel it would be a fire hazard?


  12. gmartin0312
    gmartin0312 says:

    How about the size Tom? I’m more inclined to the gas version as its less messy and seems easier to operate especially for family gatherings. Is size like with the KODA 12/16 just about how large of a pizza you can make? Or does it cook better?


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