OnCor Salisbury Steaks – Is They What was Served for Lunch in Public Schools – WHAT ARE WE EATING??

OnCor Salisbury Steaks – Is They What was Served for Lunch in Public Schools – WHAT ARE WE EATING??

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“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Colin T
    Colin T says:

    I loved eating this as a sandwich when I was in college. And like most college food, after getting a reasonable job, I did not eat them much anymore.

  2. Tracy Johnson
    Tracy Johnson says:

    I think they changed something in these. The ones today taste a lot different now and not in a good way. Can't remember if it was OnCor or Banquet but one of them had a version flavored with onions, that one was good. I don't think they make that version anymore.

  3. Justin Pineda Media
    Justin Pineda Media says:

    Fun fact. That homemade Salisbury steak video was how I found your channel. I was looking for ground beef recipes and stumbled on your video. Thanks for showing us what REAL Salisbury steak tastes like, how it should be prepared, and to avoid those processed 3 meat patties.

  4. TFiPW
    TFiPW says:

    Japanese style western cuisine has hamburg steak/salisbury steak and it's always better to just make it yourself.

    All these factories make the patties like hockey pucks. I went to school in the 00s in Canada and we were also traumatized by mediocre salisbury steak

  5. Comanche Viper
    Comanche Viper says:

    Those are tender and moist if you cook them in the oven. The instructions on the box overcook them. That’s why yours came out hard. You have to cut the time. But if you do thick soles in the oven and they are nice and tender and flavorful. One of my favorites.
    As for the saltiness, I have no problem with that. I like my stuff a bit saltier than most people though. So I can’t really speak to that or not. All I know is that one Cesar fix actually in the oven then they are actually very good. never microwave these things. As I said the directions on the box, overcook them and make them too hard to chew. But then in the oven absolutely tender.

  6. TheDemoniusX
    TheDemoniusX says:

    I know they aren't the greatest in the world but I do like these with mash potatoes. I also like Oncor lasagna. In the the minorty for sure, but hey it's what I was raised on.

  7. davhutton
    davhutton says:

    I loved the Salisbury steaks when I was a kid.
    I can still taste them and have yet to find that taste again.
    No homemade version has come close.
    I gotta try these!

  8. Gay Luigi
    Gay Luigi says:

    These are absolutely terrible and I love them
    Theyre not something that I have often, but used to love as a kid. They feel nostalgic to me, which is probably most of the appeal.

  9. betty ir
    betty ir says:

    Au contraire, our public school lunchroom was run by country farm mamas who knew how to cook. We had real food like real chicken pieces and oh my, the smell of homemade yeast rolls through the hallway ruined any teaching in the class before lunch, ahhhhhh. Of course, we had government cheese (so good), government butter and government peanut butter every day. Peanut butter and honey in a dixie cup, pb and an apple, big homemade pb cookies or just a scoop of pb and no one died.
    Yep, there are many reasons I cook at home.


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