Old Fashioned Glazed Ham


Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers Loaded Wichita Offset Smoker to take a crack at this Old-Fashioned Glazed Ham!

Full recipe: https://thesauce.atbbq.com/old-fashioned-glazed-ham/

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  1. Ryan Plethra
    Ryan Plethra says:

    really, I've seen better bar-b-que, but the grill and the articulate redneck is what keeps me watching these vids lol have you done a steak au pouivre yet? It's good to get a bacon grease gravy under your belt first, you can fix a gravy, you can't really fix an au pouivre sauce (Chef Pierre White or Gordon Ramsey)

  2. Dr. Chris Fragiskatos
    Dr. Chris Fragiskatos says:

    My mom (and hence me now) always put the cloves directly into scores in the ham itself, then removed them before cutting and serving. Along with the smell and looks mentioned in previous comments, you also get some taste as well, but not over powering. Cant wait for Christmas Eve to make one.

  3. David Woodard
    David Woodard says:

    OFF-SET Smokers!!! I just bought an Oklahoma Joe's Highlander….and I'm having a "Helluva" time with "fire management!" I don't seem to be able to control the smoke chambers ambient TEMP!!! HELP!!! I start with two chimney's full of charcoal and it NEVER seems to be enough to heat the smoke chamber!…..for a good cook.

  4. Marcin Wdowiak
    Marcin Wdowiak says:

    It has no sense!
    If You want to do that kind of ham, do it from the beginning. Cure, boil, smoke…
    The ham is ready and You put sugar on it and drying it on the smoker for hours…. And for what?
    Its not as juicy as before the process,.. And it already was tender… Canned fruits with no natural flavours….
    No control on combining first curing, seasoning, smoking and Yours from the film…
    And what do you want to do with this bone?? Best broth is from raw meat and veggies…
    Its the worst video on this channel.


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