No Wrap Pork Butt – Pulled Pork


No Wrap Pork Butt – Pulled Pork
This no wrap pork butt recipe is a method to make the most simple pulled pork you have ever made and also have insane bark. It’s a great way to use a pellet grill to smoke a pork butt (AKA boston butt) when you do not have time to tend to your BBQ. In this method you will smoke a pork butt at a lower temperature than you normally would, so you can elongate the cook to build great bark. You will increase the temperature of the smoker close to the time you would like to eat to finish it. This recipe uses minimal ingredients and yields fantastic results!

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40 replies
  1. Curtis Martinez
    Curtis Martinez says:

    Matt pittman deserves more subscribers. His videos have turned me from a novice to an above average BBQer.
    Great videos, great editing, great recipes. What else do you need people? LFG Matt Pittman

  2. Sean Mannello
    Sean Mannello says:

    Looks delicious! 😋 We’re a small business in AZ that makes a gourmet blend of hot peppers we think you’ll enjoy when you want to give your pulled pork, or anything else, a wonderfully spicy kick – one that’s different from anything else you’ve ever experienced! We’d be so appreciative if you took 30 seconds to see what we’re all about! – Sean (Owner)

    I took the business over from a friend with terminal brain cancer ( on IG). I’ve committed to giving 25% of profits to his wife forever along with donations to MD Anderson Cancer Center (his treatment center). So not only a great product, but an amazing mission, as well.

    And we were just on the Fox 10 Phoenix news on television if you’d like to learn more about how we started and our dedication to cancer research!

  3. JM
    JM says:

    Thank you, Matt, for all your hard work in putting these videos together for us. I am having a blast trying out your recipes on my Timberline XL.

  4. lead 4s
    lead 4s says:

    thats the way i been cookin my pork butts for 40 years, except i dont take any fat off,sometimes use a binder, sometimes not. i cant tell the difference. once you get used to that bark they aint no goin back, looked delicious

  5. Anthony Silva
    Anthony Silva says:

    I only do a no wrap pork butt. I follow Malcom Reed's low and slow pellet smoke recipe but I use my charbroil electric. It's not quite as efficient so a 10lb butt took me about 14 hours last weekend but the no wrap gives amazing bark. Pulled pork is my family's favorite thing we smoke. We don't slather it and I don't trip any fat off and they come out amazing. Only thing I do different is when I pull it off I tent it in aluminum foil and put it in the oven, turned off, to rest because it's usually done hours before dinner time.

  6. Brett Johnson
    Brett Johnson says:

    Matt, you truly have improved our dinner/lunch/breakfast menus. Thank God, you sell your rubs in bulk!! I have cooked several of your recipes and my family has loved them all!! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  7. Rue ridge
    Rue ridge says:

    Mmmm! Tasty 😋. I go this way when lazy or busy. Cooked dozens of butts. Chris Lilly method still my go to to kick ass. Use his injection and combination of his and Myron Mixon rub that I Texercise. Low temperatures like yours are the real key to outstanding pork butt.

  8. Roger Schrotenboer
    Roger Schrotenboer says:

    Mr. Matt Pittman, this is a little off topic however I am looking for some answers and I know you’re the man, my boss just gave me a Waygu Brisket do the same rules apply for the Waygu? As far as temps and times?

  9. Walcrow
    Walcrow says:

    Did this exact procedure on the last 2 butts. First one was Voodoo, no wrap, cooked to 205 and spritzed with cider vinegar every so often. The 2nd one was with Hot Honey rub and same method. No wrap. After taking it off the old Smoke master, I put it in the oven overnight at 170 degrees. The 2nd one overnight in the oven was 1000% better than the first one. I bought D'artagnan brand butt from Deep Cuts here in Dallas at Belt Line and Coit. Bought all the Voodoo they had at Elliotts Hardware on Irving Blvd. Used post oak for both cooks at about 10 hours each. This is by far the easiest method out there. The bark is nothing but sweet candy off that top fat layer. Thanks for showing this method without wrapping. Also did one on the Weber several months ago using the Slow&Sear basket. It was also unwrapped and was just as good.

  10. TomatoPlantsGoneWild
    TomatoPlantsGoneWild says:

    It must be nice to have a wife that understands that meat needs to rest after cooking. Mine always just digs in as soon as I bring it in from the grill (even after I inform her – gently – that it needs to rest).


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