NINJA WOODFIRE XL GRILL SMOKED WHOLE CHICKENS! We’re just doing a simple smoke on these little chickens on our new Woodfire XL Grill. These birdies turned out perfect! And there was plenty of room on the new Woodfire XL Grill too!

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22 replies
  1. George Charokee
    George Charokee says:

    Yummy Yum Yum Brotha 😋😋😋 👏🏾👍🏾👊🏾 Got the OG Grill, not sure if a Whole Chicken will fit tho. Looking at the comments, Probably Not Sooo Much. Love Me Some Chicken tho, will probably Spatchcock it.

  2. Risa's Kluttered Kitchen
    Risa's Kluttered Kitchen says:

    Wish the. XL was on the market in May, I would’ve gotten it. I am loving the smaller one. I’ve been using it a lot. Needs a good cleaning. Just made smoked wings, roasted hatch chiles, and grilled chicken in one day. Easy and quicker than a normal kettle grill.

  3. proofhouse2020
    proofhouse2020 says:

    So happy that you did 2 things!

    1.) Told us approximate cook time.

    So important because if I'm following one of your recipes I need to know if this cook is going to take 1 hour or 5 hours.

    I know you cook to temp but having an approximate is so important to plan your dinner. Everyone is different but everyone's cook time should be approximately the same.

    2.) Told us what pellets you used.

    Normally in your videos you don't tell us what pellets you use.

    Also, I've found my Ninja and Thermo Pro thermometers to be off 6-12' degrees from my NIST traceable Fireboard Spark thermometer.

    Have you found a difference in your Therma Pro and Ninja XL thermometers?

  4. swhite10539
    swhite10539 says:

    Great to see what the XL can do! Biggest issue I have with chickens is they are to tall for the OG grill so I have to spatchcock them to get them to fit. It looks like the extra clearance is nice in the XL grill! Just hard to spend so much when I have so much invested in my OG grill. As always great videos. We could barely hear the sawing in the background. Keep up the great job!


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