Napoleon Grills P500RSIB Gas and Charcoal Grill – Overview



The Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB is the versatile victor of all backyard grills. To show you why, we’ll start with the most important feature, the cooking system itself.

The double walled cast aluminum cook chamber is built to last, will not burn through, and holds in heat allowing for higher temperatures at the grate. This design uses less propane than the competition’s single walled design.

Napoleon’s JETFIRE™ ignition system is set back from the burner which protects it from the heat giving you longevity and consistency. The ignition lights the burner by producing a four inch flame that is independent to each burner.

The burners themselves are manufactured from 304 stainless steel which gives you long life and resists rusting like inferior metals. The burners wide flame pattern disperses heat evenly across the grilling surface.

Napoleon’s patented dual level sear plate system furthers the evenness by raising the plates in between burners allowing indirect heat to rise and keep consistent temperatures throughout the grill chamber.

Finally 7 millimeter 304 stainless steel WAVE™ cooking grates give you Napoleon’s classic wavy sear marks while allowing more surface area contact with your food, ensuring even cooking of meats and vegetables.

The cooking system doesn’t stop there.

As with all of Napoleon’s Prestige grills, the P500RSIB has an optional charcoal smoker tray which allows you to use charcoal for direct and indirect grilling and includes a built in chip tray for smoking and adding more flavor to your meals.

The rotisserie system includes a wide rear infrared burner that will perfectly roast whole chickens, pork loins, and prime ribs. With Napoleon’s wide range of rotisserie accessories, vegetables, kabobs, and even chicken wings can be cooked on the rotating spit rod.

Napoleon’s infrared side sear burner steals the show as it reaches 1,800 degrees in 30 seconds flat to sear steaks and other meats. This a true ceramic infrared burner that will reach very high temperatures but can also be turned down for use with sauce pans, woks, and more.

The Accu-probe™ lid thermometer gives you an accurate temperature readout so you know your grill is set exactly where you want it before you put your food on.

Napoleon’s roll top lid is easy to lift and does not expose the entire grill surface to outside air. This eliminates excessive heat loss when tending to your food, while the curved design allows air to flow around the chamber creating a convection effect in your grill.

The front control panel is set forward from the grill allowing air to flow behind the panel which keeps it cool to the touch even with the grill at 700 plus degrees.

The Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB is simply the best grill in its class and boasts Napoleon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. With its high quality construction, it will produce mouthwatering meals for your friends and family for many years to come.

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