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What is the Mystery Flavor Creme in the Limited Edition Mystery Oreos? Watch and see!


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46 replies
  1. chantezj18
    chantezj18 says:

    the slit is that line over the calorie/etc opening right above the line "slit appears after opening". when you go to close it, you can still see it. it's so you don't buy one already opened/know it's opened

  2. Chelsea Grubb
    Chelsea Grubb says:

    Nice Advert brah, hey, maybe next time we can watch you eat a pet dog, but not my pet dog because I don't have one, LOL. that's because the hired a dog sitter to one day walk my dog and instead of walked my dog, sold it to the shadow masters so they could run their 911 simulations in his brain. Jokes on them i know their hologram planes aren't real, you know what else isn't real? this manipulative oreo advertisement selling their gay biscuits on family-friendly TV!

    peace out bro, KONY2012

    8===========================D¬¬¬¬ < thats a rocketship

  3. Mellow Wuff
    Mellow Wuff says:

    I love how people are crying over fucking "american" jobs being taken overseas. What kind of entitlement do you need to think that companies owe you a job. Work for it and get an education to land a good job, not just quit highschool and expect to have a factory job. Companies need to make money and finding the cheaper option is always the best for them. Oreos aren't the only company that does this, many "american" companies go overseas for cheaper labor. Stop crying and being so petty, adding racism to the mix doesn't make it any better, makes y'all look like the millennials you criticize so much.

  4. mark layton
    mark layton says:

    The company Mondelez has changed the flavour of many products – they have taken over a few brands and changed them using cheaper ingredients . In the UK the British company Cadbury has changed and nestle have messed around with brands ……personally I don't understand the hype about Orio – they taste very average to me . America don't make good chocolate anyway .


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