Mountain House Freeze Dried Breakfast Skillet – What Are We Eating? – The Wolfe Pit


Mountain House Freeze Dried Breakfast Skillet
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40 replies
  1. Hollow Roads
    Hollow Roads says:

    I’ve used these a lot on the trail. As others have said, a little less water. But the real key is to bring some tortillas, cheddar cheese and a little hot sauce and you can make a passable breakfast burrito.

  2. Love Thebestgift
    Love Thebestgift says:

    Yessssss more freeze dried food and a request, can we have some longer videos?
    I get Soooo excited for the video but then it's over so quickly. Love you and Mrs thanks for all you do for the People 💖💖

  3. Paul F
    Paul F says:

    Believe me it tastes pretty good after I've been walking, tripping and falling (my version of hiking/backpacking) through the woods, off-trail for 4-5 hours. Packit Gourmet and Backpackers Pantry are also pretty good depending on the meal. Wise Food is just ok imo. I wouldn't eat them all the time so I'd make up some trail mix and maybe take along some freeze dried or dehydrated soups.

  4. Mick Bator
    Mick Bator says:

    With this nasty virus going around it might not be a bad idea to pick up one or a couple thousand bags of these. You sound great, hope you are doing well, my thoughts are with you! 👍👍👍👍

  5. Arctic Fox
    Arctic Fox says:

    I eat these almost every day due to my job as a trucker so im pretty used to these. And one thing to note is they INTENTIONALLY add too much water. If you dont add enough it can give you cramps and/or bad gas as well as dehydrate you. Which in a camping, survival situation or natural disaster is….less then ideal. Plus it makes people far less willing to buy these again if it causes digestive problems.

    If you eat these a lot you learn to add half a cup less water then is recomended. Also if you add some pilot bread or crackers it will asorb a lot of the excess water and fix the texture. That said….most breakfast meals from mountain house are frankly crap. Save their hash which you should try.

  6. Robert Hoppe
    Robert Hoppe says:

    Dear Mr. WolfePit, I've been wondering for a long time, have you ever done any voice work for Harbor Freight training videos. It's been bugging me for a long time and a solid yes or no would bring some small closure to my life. Thanks. Love the vids and have learned what is actually a good buy at the dollar store


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