Mountain BBQ Ribs recipe


A mountain full of sauce mopped “low and slow” pork spare ribs are easy to barbecue, even on a small grill, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. Paul Frizado
    Paul Frizado says:

    Love looking back these videos, my boy and I watching this on the couch Sunday morning and he would say “ we making this today dad “?! Those are the days! Thanks boys for years of great videos! Bbqpitboys 4 eternity!!

  2. Abe Changsta
    Abe Changsta says:

    no matter how good this episode was, I can't stop and think of ALL that meat they tossed on the ground while cutting up the ribs. As an Asian person, we UTILIZE everything(even if it's parts we can't eat, we use it for flavor)

  3. Michael Glosecki
    Michael Glosecki says:

    Made these today, wife and daughters loved them. They said I could make them every weekend but then again, I tend to make a different BBQ Pit Boys recipe every weekend. Great stuff, thanks for the videos!


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