Loaded Beef Ribs on Traeger Lil Tex Pellet Grill

Loaded Beef Ribs on Traeger Lil Tex Pellet Grill

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Note: this one does not have the dog audio. LOL

Loaded beef ribs cooked up on the Traeger “Lil Tex” Pellet Grill using Lumberjack 100% mesquite pellets. Chupacabra original blend was the seasoning along with a little paprika for color. Seasoned and Jacarded for tenderness then cooked at 180 for 3 hours, then raised to 235 for 5 more hours. Finished at an internal of 208.

Review of Thermoworks Smoke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3yJM6Xiic4

Chupacabra Rubs: http://www.2gringoschupacabra.com/
Lumberjack Pellets: http://bbqlumberjack.com/
Traeger Grills: http://www.traegergrills.com/
Bob Starks Meats: http://bobstarksbeefshop.com/
South Texas Outdoor Kitchens: http://www.stokrgv.com/
Thermoworks Smoke: http://www.thermoworks.com/


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  1. @La19930
    @La19930 says:

    What got me was you pushing the olive oil bottle all over the place… Lol !!!! Great video!!! Subscribed!!! 👍🏼
    Btw… Who’s dog is barking???? Oh, it’s the Jakarta

  2. @mchipitt
    @mchipitt says:

    Those ribs looked amazing! I just stopped by today to pick up the Beerongada Michelada Mix and walked around to see whats new, I saw these loades ribs and just drooled over them… Glad to see someone local shout them out because they have awesome cuts. Good video brother!

  3. @richardeldridge1099
    @richardeldridge1099 says:

    Had to subscribe and thank you for the recipe. I tried making beef ribs before and did not know the key was low and slow at 225F until an internal temp of higher than 200F. This 225F temp solved my problem with pork butts and briskets and had no idea it would work with the ribs. I made your beef ribs today and the family was very happy with it. I could not believe that they were still moist after nearly 11 hours. Keep the videos coming Sir.

  4. @bbqbandit3453
    @bbqbandit3453 says:

    Randy do I need to go to a butcher to get beef ribs like the ones you smoked. I don't see anything in my store where I live that look like those. I do see beef ribs at my local grocery store and at Walmart but they look like bones. Have you ever tried the beef ribs prepackaged at the grocery store?

  5. @ThyronMathews
    @ThyronMathews says:

    my brother those beef ribs were fantastic the bark the smoke rings all add up to the perfect. thanks so much the video. I do enjoy Lumberjack pellets my store only carries hickory. thanks so much TNT BBQ

  6. @220Rick
    @220Rick says:

    Great cook!! You have me ordering some of that rub. Your video is so clear and the pictures at the end are trophies!! You are doing a great job and I love all the cookers and the great place you have to cook. I also have many cookers and wish I could cook on all of them, but the price to fill them with meat would break me. Take a look at my video to see some of my cooks. Would like to do some more videos, maybe soon?

  7. @rustykc
    @rustykc says:

    Wow man! that was some great looking ribs you made! I'm getting ready to order so Chupicabre Rub. Is there any particular flavor you recomend or is there just the one type? I wanna make sure I order the correct one. like your light kit you have. also did you get a new camera? the video seems like I'm right there with you! great quality. cheers buddy


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