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18 replies
  1. john jones
    john jones says:

    Did you have three dogs Claire I remember chewy and a little westie I think 🤔 myles is growing up so fast and what a good little swimmer I think it's best to start young great haul too Janet xx

  2. Tina Quarrell
    Tina Quarrell says:

    Great vlog Claire I bought that electric grill you have and love it haven’t done pancakes yes but cooked a full breakfast on there apart from beans and was so nice everything was cooked and ready at the same time did chicken on there and salmon too going to do a mini mixed grill soon too so glad I bout it x

  3. Zoe Kirk
    Zoe Kirk says:

    I forgot to ask if you take a portable potty out with you for Myles on days out? We have a seaside day trip coming up and not sure what potty is best as the one we have is a mini toilet so too big haha. Love your day to day vlogs, you kept me going during lockdown as was just me and Reuben most days. You brightened up my days ☺️ just wanted to say that so thank you for being real and so lovely xx

  4. Nikki Johnston
    Nikki Johnston says:

    Your kids really do live the dream great memories for them the pool the bell tent, love it x
    Do the dogs go to the farm with Graham or do they have their own hang out space during the day just wondering as we don't see them in garden with you ? Gorgeous doggies!
    Come on Myles you will be swimming the length before we know it lol x

  5. Anyssa World
    Anyssa World says:

    Hi Claire lovely vlog Myles is great in the pool very confident for his age those pancakes looked yummy I used to ride my kids things they used tell me off 😂hope you had a good movie night in the tent its great that and hope you had a lovely barbeque yesterday and it didn't rain we had rain in the morning here but a gorgeous afternoon take care and thank you for sharing very enjoyable 😊💖😘

  6. Maria Brown
    Maria Brown says:

    Hi Claire. Enjoyed watching your Aldi shopping hauls. You had some delicious 😋 foodies. Miles is so good in the pool. He's got a lot of Confidence for his age. Nice to see them learn how to swim at a young age. Love KFC the best chicken wings and spicy chicken. And fries 🍟. Nice to see the children happy and enjoying their days out. Have a lovely evening Maria 💗 xx

  7. Lulu K
    Lulu K says:

    I couldn’t agree more about Sky we used to watch Discovery alot but refuse to pay extra now ! Lovely vlog little Myles is great in the pool so confident 😊


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