Leftover’s Skillet Dinner – EATING ON A BUDGET

Leftover’s Skillet Dinner – EATING ON A BUDGET

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  1. Elin Hagberg
    Elin Hagberg says:

    This is a great idea and it will work with just left over regular pasta too, just might need a bit more spices then. Also, if you have small amounts of left over meat, if you don't have enough for something now and you have a freezer, free it and use it the next time you have just a little left over from something else.

  2. orchidcolors
    orchidcolors says:

    I was sitting here thinking "I could use my leftovers to fill dumplings..!"

    But how can that be inexpensive/cheap? Well, a store local to me has inexpensive dumpling wrappers…and they might be at your local supermarket, too.

    I go for the circular ones, although I think the square kind are easier to find…? (The square ones can be called wonton wrappers).

    I know spring roll wrappers are kept near the wonton wrappers, but I don't know how spring roll wrappers would work, as I think they're different..? But those could be a fun experiment, too! 🙂

    Since the dumplings are essentially just fresh pasta, you could fill them with just about anything. That means lots of things can go in there. Even the leftovers Larry has here, though I know you'd have to cut the meat smaller for sure. Pasta + pasta would taste fine, but would not be low carb.

    As far as how you fill and seal Asian dumplings, I know Maangchi has videos about those here on Youtube. (The Korean name for the dumplings is mandu, so that's what she calls them.) The explanations of how to fill them are valuable, even if you can't fill them with what she uses to fill them. She also has a video about how to make the wrappers themselves.

    (My slightly deaf ears love that she has captions, too.)

    I could be better at Asian-style fillings, some of which are easier to achieve than others. I suspect ground beef cooked with some soy sauce would work. Maybe with a bit of shredded carrot, too. If you cook the beef and carrot before you stuff the dumpling, then you only have to worry about cooking the noodle part.

    The dumplings can be steamed or pan-fried. I should try frying them; they're crunchy on the outside that way.

    Experimentation is fun. 😀 (It's how I merrily fell down the rabbit hole of Asian-style cooking.)

  3. Micheal Clark
    Micheal Clark says:

    Man I'm not on a budget right now due to certain things that happened that I don't deserve. But you are a God send. Wish I had your channel to watch in my early teens and late 20,s. The amount of thing you cojure up is astounding. You are literally saving lives and filling stomachs for penny's on the dollar. Keep up the good work man we are all going to need this in the next few years

  4. J K
    J K says:

    I'm glad you're teaching this kind of thinking. Not everyone grew up with this frugal knowledge, but even if a person's rich, food waste is wrong if avoidable.

  5. Wm Schooley
    Wm Schooley says:

    Too much work. Throw leftovers (except fish) into a stockpot, add garlic onion salt pepper and enough water to cover everything put on the heat and dinner becomes refrigerator soup. Too thin? Add rice and let it simmer to your taste.

  6. Andrew Gnys
    Andrew Gnys says:

    It can be hard to think sometimes I know what you mean. Two months ago I had surgery to remove a small tumor from my brain and you won't believe they actually found a brain in my head. You have great ideas to cook food for the struggling out there. Are prices going up very fast in the US? In Australia they are going up very quickly.

  7. Robert Younger
    Robert Younger says:

    I always picture the music would go with shots of robots on assembly lines working on high tech shit, then I think it’s funny it’s actually budget food options instead. Love this channel

  8. Paul F
    Paul F says:

    Another good one Larry! I come from a large family so there weren't many leftovers. Every Saturday was Leftover Lunch while my mom was at the grocery store. Now days I purposely cook a little extra so I can make these types of meals. Fast, easy and pretty satisfying.

  9. Eve
    Eve says:

    That looked pretty tasty, good job! I used my leftovers tonight to make fried rice. All you need is day old rice, and whatever stuff you have chopped up small. It's the only leftover dish my kids don't complain about because they don't know it's leftovers. My kids are too picky I think. When i was growing up we didn't complain about the food, we just ate it.

  10. Hotdog
    Hotdog says:

    Love your vids honestly in the last few weeks I have been being watching your stuff..

    But yah you sound different today you ok brother?

  11. OCR Beats
    OCR Beats says:

    Love this. I make chili mac a lot of times throughout the year because it can last me up to 4 days and I don’t mind leftovers. I’m not struggling by any means, I’m a bachelor with no kids, but I hate spending money on fast food and going out eating when I don’t need to these days.

  12. Aramis419
    Aramis419 says:

    HAHA! This past weekend – I don't know what was going on in my sister's day, but she asked if her two oldest girls could sleep over my place.
    "ARAMIS419SISTER, I've been divorced for a decade! I don't know how to cook – AT ALL – let alone for two teenagers!"
    "They're teenagers! They'll eat anything you put in front of them, and hate it at the same time!"
    "Okay, Uncle Aramis," I says to myself, "time to put on your work boots and thinking cap."
    Well, leftover Mac and Cheese, some leftover white rice, a can of tuna, half a lemon, some butter, a splash of stale Chardonnay later…
    Shoot, we cleaned out my fridge and had a poppin' meal at the same time!
    Now, only if they'd have done the dishes….

  13. 72johnblack
    72johnblack says:

    Great video. We save and make sure to use 100% of our leftovers. For retired people this astronomical inflation is really a killer and videos like these help so much. Keep up the good work!

  14. MetroFarmer
    MetroFarmer says:

    Known more than one guy missing part or all of one or more fingers.
    Me- 16 years old, machine shop, 12 ton press, barrels and barrels of 3 inch pipes to be flared for Ford water pumps. First day guy who was running it before back from sick leave missing 2 fingers. This was back in about '74. Loved that place.
    Thanks and cheers

  15. Phil Sajtar
    Phil Sajtar says:

    Loved this one ! You can do so much w/ leftover Mac & cheese. Last night I mixed some leftover Imitation Crab into some mac & cheese, put it in a small glass roasting dish & sprinkled buttered bread crumbs on it. Gourmet Crab Mac N Cheese !


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