Lamb Burger with Green Harissa Recipe


Chef Tom cooks up one of our favorite burger fusions, the Lamb Burger. We kick that up a notch with a green harissa sauce.

Full recipe:

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  1. BudgetBBQ
    BudgetBBQ says:

    Of all my channel subscriptions, this is one that I NEVER miss an episode!!! Been talking to my wife about making a trip to your place for some quality BBQ time…..stay tuned. Lol

  2. william boyd
    william boyd says:

    The one thing I've never seen you do is country ham. Is there anything you could show us in dealing with a country ham? Does it smoke well? I'm just curious because nobody seems to want to go low and slow on a smoker with that end of the pig.

  3. KDP
    KDP says:

    Chef Tom great video, love your ideas! what do you think about a yogurt based sauce instead of the feta – I think it would go well with the naan. maybe like a honey yogurt of some sort? something to play off of the spices coming from the harissa!

  4. Tom Ma
    Tom Ma says:

    +allthingsbbq can you do a video on boneless chicken breast? Perhaps grilled. I know its kinda boring but when it comes to meal prep its like a staple. Would love to see what techniques, seasonings, etc you do. Would you inject it like you do your competition thighs or brine it? I think I overcook mine as they usually come out dry.


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