Kosher MRE – Fishy, Fishy, Fishy Salmon Dinner -WHAT ARE WE EATING?


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26 replies
  1. Croc Boss
    Croc Boss says:

    I spent a year inside a Finland Open Prison. Every Friday night I would be allowed to travel to the market to buy items I seen you cook on my tablet . I would wake up Saturday morning and cook for my fellow bunk mates. We had a grand of a time.

  2. Dewey
    Dewey says:

    Heads up, you do need some kind of fat in some foods thanks to certain vitamins only being well absorbed with a fat of some kind, olive oil or the fat from the fish, to carry it into your body and help it be absorbed by your gut.

  3. Motley Byron
    Motley Byron says:

    I really…really…REALLY miss seeing you and your very cool videos on youtube regularly… you're like family to us Larry…not just you…but your whole family since they help make your videos in differing ways.

  4. menachd01
    menachd01 says:

    Kosher = prepared under Rabbinic supervision ensuring that it is using ingredients that are allowed by the Bible.
    You over paid cause here in NY they cost $6-$7. I prefer the kosher shelf stable means from Meal Mart. Meal Mart also has a larger variety of meals, fish, beef, turkey and chicken as well as vegetarian meals.
    These meals are usually for the kosher consumer who travels a lot especially to places where kosher food is not always found like China.
    Everyday kosher food is almost the same as the rest of the countries we live in just no milk and meat together or pork products.


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