Korean Corn Cheese – Perfect For Sharing Or As A Side Dish

Korean Corn Cheese – Perfect For Sharing Or As A Side Dish

Korean Corn Cheese // Chef Tom shares how this simple dish became a part of history as well as Korean BBQ culture. Served hot with just the right amount of sweet and savory, it’s easy to see why Korean Corn Cheese is a staple in Korean BBQ gatherings. It serves well as a side or it can be scooped up with chips as a dip. This is another recipe you’ll want to stash away to serve at special occasions. Print extra copies though, making this dish for friends and family is very simple and it is sure to get requests for the recipe every time you serve it.

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00:00 Introduction
00:11 Korean Corn Cheese History
01:04 Roasting The Corn
01:52 Knife Work
02:50 Preheat Skillet
03:00 Remove Corn From Cob
03:27 Adding Ingredients To The SKillet
05:09 Browning The Cheese
05:31 The Bite!
06:30 Like & Subscribe


23 replies
  1. Eun-Hee Hudson
    Eun-Hee Hudson says:

    I just want to correct what you say about corn in south korea or north korea That is not true. Corn was not our culture to eat. The corn is big culture for main meal in South korea. Especially farmers. They eat corn a lot but cheeze was not big food for korean. It came with american soldiers. My mom cooked red bean with corn when i was child . I am 68 years old i know we eat corn often. You go to Korea in corn season they steam sell in the street.

  2. Pooja Darji
    Pooja Darji says:

    I've learned so many valuable cooking tips from your videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I was wondering if you could share a video of you cooking with KHAL


  3. John Ritchie
    John Ritchie says:

    I’m a recent transplant to South Carolina from Illinois. We don’t get that huge midwestern sweet corn down here. I really miss it. Good Golly, that looks awesome. I’m making this for my next backyard party.

  4. Fatal
    Fatal says:

    The Korean bar near me serves this with those popcorners chips that you can use to pick up the corn. Basically turns into a dip, it's such a great way to eat this.


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