KJ SloRoller in Large BGE


Chef Tom shows us how to setup and use the Kamado Joe SloRoller Hyperbolic Insert. The SloRoller is available for purchase as an accessory for: Kamado Joe Classic I and II, Big Joe I and II, and even the Large Big Green Egg. If you have a Kamado Joe or Big Green Egg ceramic grill, the SloRoller needs to be on your shortlist of accessories.

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16 replies
  1. Ray Ramos
    Ray Ramos says:

    Thank you! Another great video!! I appreciate all the time you put into your videos. Great team!
    I have a large BGE, how much does the slow roller raise the cooking grate above the felt line? Can you share a link to the slow roller for the BGE?

  2. Roy Noi
    Roy Noi says:

    It may work as an more efficient convection utility at high air flows, as the steam gets pushed out more or almost horizontically, but at 3:38 you only see a hemispherical static cloche of smoke around the meat at low air flow and no real convection. The outlet of smoke and heat is much more close to the meat itselfe (in contrast to an normal deflector) and if you run the pit on a higher temp you could easily burn the outer rim of your meal or meat. I am really not convinced about the pros here at low and slow, but at high air flow. Love your channel btw! Sorry for my honesty. Typical German…

  3. Fu TG
    Fu TG says:

    Great video! However, I would like to see a plain stainless steel version. The powder coating comes off so fast I'm afraid to get this stuff on my food.

  4. ZmannR2
    ZmannR2 says:

    The slow roller is dumb, you can't add smoke chunks mid-cook…..these ceramic grills need a small door to toss in more smoking chunks….after say 4-5 hours a lotta times the smoke will dissappear as the chunks have turned to coals


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