Kansas City Dry Rub recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


This sweet Barbecue Rub, Kansas City style, works real well with most anything barbeque, including chicken, pork and beef! Be sure to make yourself a big batch of this Dry Rub and keep it handy for all your grilling and barbeque. It’s that good!

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  1. kchest4063
    kchest4063 says:

    In my part of Kansas City, we use either brown or Turbinado sugar instead of white sugar. The less refined sugars have a molasses taste to them, which I really like. The salt seems a little much too, but that just my preference. As far as foil goes, I smoke the crap out of things for 4 hours then wrap in foil if they need to cook longer. The meat has picked up all the smoke it's going to get after 4 hours, and doing it that way will keep things from drying out too much.

  2. eddieisfiction
    eddieisfiction says:

    brown sugar rubs cook just fine… just remember you do it indirect burning… Personally I prefer covered in aluminum foil for 2 and a half hours with indirect heat as well… Best favor that way.

  3. gitterfritter
    gitterfritter says:

    I think I'm gonna rub my wife down with that and toss her ass in the fireplace. You guys are the best. Let me tell ya what you need to do. You have to get an agent and get in contact with some of these television stations because you guys would be a hit on television. Keep it up fellas.


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