Kansas City BBQ Sauce recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


If you like sticky sweet bbq pork ribs then this thick, reddish-brown, tomato and ketchup-based sauce with sugars, vinegar, and spices is what you need. Check out how easy it is to make this classic Kansas City style barbecue sauce with a few simple ingredients, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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43 replies
  1. mullinzg
    mullinzg says:

    made this tonight, turned out really good & is def thick as oil. be generous if you using a hot sauce, takes a good bit to be recognized – but compliments the sauce very well

  2. boogatti bahamaboy
    boogatti bahamaboy says:

    Hey i'm from The Bahamas and i always watch your videos on youtube. You guys inspired me to be a gill master, now im doing it big, along with dad. If you guys ever visit The Bahamas you can give us a shout. Below is a few Grills my dad and I made . we do custom grills and smokers. FACEBOOK/ trinity complete grillz and outdoor cooking equipment

  3. 15smallcowboy
    15smallcowboy says:

    Great video! Quick question: do you know what I could use in the recipe instead of molasses, dark corn syrup and apple cider vinegar? I live in Mexico and it's near impossible to get these ingredients here. Awesome channel, by the way. Keep it up!

  4. Buddy Rowe
    Buddy Rowe says:

    do a southern vinegar based bbq sauce! tomato based is midwest and up north… too sweet, and too thick!!! down here we like a hot, thin vinegar base that makes your nose run while eatin the bbq!

  5. thunderduckie01
    thunderduckie01 says:

    Not knocking your video at all (I'm considering trying it just to taste it) but I've lived in KC all of my life and I don't know why everyone likes the sauces here. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the sugary and thick sauce. I prefer more vinegar and heat. That reminds me, I saw a video on youtube by a couple of guys that looked like they belong in a ZZTop video. Their sauce was pretty dang amazing!

  6. i Granot
    i Granot says:

    What kinda knocked me sideways was the use of corn syrup in the recipe. The molases and the ketchup aren't sweet enough by themselves? First time I've seen corn syrup in a homemade BBQ sauce. THX.


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