Kansas City Baby Back Ribs

Kansas City Baby Back Ribs

Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill for these sweet & salty, smoky & saucy Kansas City Baby Back Ribs!

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RECIPE COOKED ON: (https://www.atbbq.com/grills-and-smokers/pellet-grills/yoder-smokers-ys640s-pellet-grill-with-acs.html)
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34 replies
  1. Joe Murphy
    Joe Murphy says:

    I'm from Memphis. But, I love you anyway. Lololol (Memphis/Kansas City people will understand that!) ….. Thanks for all of the awesome videos, Chef! I learn something from you every single video.

  2. Kevan Smith
    Kevan Smith says:

    I like to slice up jalapeno with seeds and lay them atop the ribs (like one pepper per rack) as they smoke the full length of the cook. They end up chipotle-ized and add super flavor.

  3. Jarod Clayton
    Jarod Clayton says:

    Good to see someone finally representing Kansas City style BBQ. KC pitmasters are noticeably absent from the YouTube BBQ tutorial scene, while Texas pitmasters have been helping us all get better for a while now.

  4. hardwaterfanatic
    hardwaterfanatic says:

    I've always wrapped but will definitely be trying this recipe! Chef Tom got me hooked on Yardbird and our family loves it! It's definitely our main BBQ rub we use. Looks like I've got another sauce to try now as well. Thanks for another wonderful video!

  5. Mike
    Mike says:

    It's always a pleasant surprise when I get a rack with the membrane already removed. Also, Yardbird is by far one of the best rubs for pork and chicken in general, thanks for turning me onto it 7 years ago.

  6. Brad Campbell
    Brad Campbell says:

    Those racks look perfect, and love that you didn't wrap them. I got addicted to baby backs when I lived in Atlanta, spent a lot of time in the Carolinas. The Texan in me still goes for beef first, but Texas in general has stepped up its pork game over the last couple of decades.

  7. Bill O
    Bill O says:

    just what we needed is another rib video Oh wait.this is Kansas city and next week he can do new york city lol give this rib stuff a rest..been done tons already

  8. Kevin 747
    Kevin 747 says:

    Looking good Chef Tom. I could overeat those till I passed out. I'm so old I remember when KC only had two or three real BBQ joints. (late 50's early 60's) Any other old folks remember that?

  9. Joakim Svahn
    Joakim Svahn says:

    I feel like I am at least an aquaintance, if not more, of Chef Toms' at this point. Such a pleasant guy to listen too. Really enjoy this content, although I don't even BBQ 🙂


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