J.K. Adams Turnabout Reversible Maple Carving Board | Product Roundup by All Things Barbecue


Chef Tom shows off the J.K. Adams Turnabout Reversible Maple Carving Board and tells you why he believes it is the best carving board on the market today.

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11 replies
  1. Goodgollygosh
    Goodgollygosh says:

    Seeing people question the price does make me giggle. Catering equipment is freaking expensive for a reason. If you own a carvery or a smokehouse, and you end up buying a several joints of meat at £60 a pop, you don't wanna be cutting it on a £3 chopping board. That chopping board anyway will last a lifetime, so if you live till 85, you're only paying a dollar a year 😉

  2. KamekoBruns
    KamekoBruns says:

    TBH, the depth of the recession on the flip side is kind of irrelevant as the roast/turkey/chicken will be there resulting in a displacement of any juices released during carving. I would rather have seen the channel on that side be the same depth as the other side.

  3. Micah
    Micah says:

    I like this channel, but I question the sincerity of a lot of these videos. This is clearly a commercial. It's hard to be subjective about a review when you make money selling the product.


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