It's time to change your perspective on your BBQ experience.

Maybe you think all pellets are the same, that any pellet will do?
We’re here to prove that nothing compares to our 100% Pure Knotty Wood BBQ Pellets.

See for yourself – let us show you the difference between Knotty Wood Pellets and the Competitors. Visit to order yours today.


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  1. Leon Murphey
    Leon Murphey says:

    Spencer I really enjoy your videos I am going to get a new pit boss soon and will be getting some knotty wood pellets to use in it, really looking forward to my first cook with the knotty wood pellets

  2. Larry Benoit
    Larry Benoit says:

    I absolutely love your almond pellets, made my favorite all time ever brisket last weekend on my Recteq 590, however the price at my local Home Depot is more than twice what my second favorite, Bear Mountain is locally. Twice more is unfortunately a game breaker. Why so high? Is it less expensive from another distributor? If so, who pray tell.


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