Is Realgood General Tso’s Chicken Real Good?

Is Realgood General Tso’s Chicken Real Good?

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  1. @cohcam2113
    @cohcam2113 says:

    I just spent the better half of 45 mins searching for your channel. I haven't seen your videos in 7 years. So I was very pleased to see you are still making videos. I missed you brother!

  2. @eltotaupin
    @eltotaupin says:

    Two thoughts. At first you might think its overpriced but two bags for 13 and change is very comparable to take out pricing. Secondly, does anyone else think skillet finishing might reduce the vinegar flavor while enhancing the sweetness? Just my thoughts

  3. @JaysonLee87
    @JaysonLee87 says:

    I had their lightly breaded chicken nuggets, and it tasted like burnt charcoal.

    The meat was tender and was real chicken instead of mixed ingredients, but it had a horrible taste.

  4. @MrEditor6000
    @MrEditor6000 says:

    From watching many videos from TheWolfePit..

    The moral of the story is:
    If you can't make the food haflway decent at the price you want to sell it for, then DON'T.

    eh hem that Ledbetter "filet"

    If you can't afford a filet, and I guess you just don't get one..
    Companies should not try to bastardize a product together to fill a gap in the market, that the market never admitted exists in the first place.


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